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States of Jersey Ambulance Service Publish Demand and Capacity Review

Apr 25, 2023

• Review covers three areas: Emergency Operations, Patient Transport Service and Emergency Control Centre

• Historical data used to model various scenarios within the three functions

• Analysis considers staffing requirements needed to meet future demand

The States of Jersey Ambulance Service has today, Tuesday 25 April, published an independent Demand and Capacity Review.

This is the first review of its kind and was one of the recommendations within the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) report which was published in November 2022. 

The review covers three areas; Emergency Operations, the Patient Transport Service and the Emergency Control Centre and has identified recommendations that will continue to improve patient care, identifying the best model for Jersey.

The review team used historical demand and performance data to model various scenarios within the three functions. The analysis considered the staffing requirements needed to meet future demand and achieve Key Performance Indicators.

The scenarios take in to account the new Ambulance Response Model (ARP) which was introduced in October 2022. Benchmarking was also conducted against UK Trusts. 

Overall, the review shows that the States of Jersey Ambulance Service is experiencing increasing pressures across all three functions and that demand is expected to grow into 2024 and beyond. 

The analysis also shows that growth in emergency call volumes is predicted to continue to increase by around 3.7% and Patient Transport by 12% annually.

However, despite the increasing pressures, the service performs well against both the recently introduced ARP standards, and new Key Performance Indicators.

Chief Officer of Justice and Home Affairs, Kate Briden, said: “The findings were expected as capacity and demand was one of the key areas identified in the recent ACCE review. Having now got the results of this analysis, we will consider what improvements are achievable in the short term, as well as preparing the service for the future, building upon the great service already provided to Islanders.” 

Chief Ambulance Officer, Pete Gavey said: “This is a positive step forward in terms of addressing the recommendations from the AACE report and I’m pleased to see that, despite the pressures, we have performed well against the new Ambulance Response Programme standards and Key Performance Indicators. I would like to express my gratitude to my team for achieving this. 

“Investment has already been secured through the Government Plan process and the findings from the Demand and Capacity review will be used to focus on the main areas for improvement.

“In advance of the Demand and Capacity review findings, we have already started recruiting to some new roles, though these posts are included in the overall numbers highlighted within the review. 

“It is important to point out that, at this stage, the findings are recommendations and require further consultation with the wider team to consider the suggestions. We are committed to providing the best possible service for Islanders, now and in the future.”

The full report is available at States of Jersey Ambulance Service demand and capacity review (

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