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Clarification on temperature readings of guests visiting food and drinks venues

Feb 19, 2021

This is not a requirement of the Public Health guidance for the sector due to the challenges posed to both customers and business operators and the issues that may arise in turning individuals and bookings away on this basis. 

Temperature checks can be mis-leading as a one off test. There are many things which may cause an elevated temperature. As a one off measure this will not provide certainty as to whether or not a person has COVID-19. 

Where it is useful for example the temperature checking of staff, is where it occurs almost daily, and leads to background knowledge of that person's base level temperature and therefore any increase would prompt further investigation. 

One of the core communication messages from the Government is for Islanders to be aware of all symptoms of COVID-19. There is an unintended consequence that Islanders may let their guard down and ignore this vital message if they think temperature checking suggests they are free from COVID-19 infection. 

There can also be equipment failures if the probe is not calibrated effectively which provides incorrect readings. The readings can also provide a temperature from the surrounding environment not the individual. 

A business may choose to use temperature checking as a method if they so wish but should give consideration to:

  • Ensuring digital thermometers are calibrated and are not giving incorrect readings
  • That batteries are full
  • To put safe distancing measures in place to take readings
  • Ensure that customers are aware of all of the symptoms including a persistent cough and loss or change in sense of taste of smell 

A temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius indicates an elevated temperature that may be fever. A normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. 

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