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Audit of Patient Records in the Rheumatology Service

Apr 13, 2023

• Royal College of Physicians recommended an audit following concerns

• The audit is to check and confirm patients’ care and treatment

• Rheumatology patients are advised to continue taking their medication as prescribed and to attend their appointments as normal

Health and Community Services (HCS) is conducting an audit of patient records in the rheumatology service following a recommendation from the Royal College of Physicians. 

Mr Patrick Armstrong, the Medical Director for HCS, asked the Royal College of Physicians to conduct a review after questions were raised about clinical record keeping, case management and communication within the rheumatology service. 

The Royal College reviewers are planning to speak with HCS clinicians and other staff later this month. In the meantime, however, they have recommended that HCS should audit the records of rheumatology patients to check and confirm their treatment and care. 

Mr Patrick Armstrong said: “We have already begun this audit of patient records and we are bringing in additional clinical support to ensure we can complete the audit by the end of June. 

In the meantime, rheumatology patients should continue to take their medication as prescribed and attend their hospital and doctor appointments as normal. If we need to see any patients in person, we will contact them directly. 

“The purpose of this audit of patient records is to make sure that rheumatology patients have the most appropriate care plan and that their treatment is entirely suitable to their individual needs. 

“Since asking the Royal College of Physicians to undertake this review we have also been checking rheumatology patients’ care and treatment plans during routine appointments, and we will continue to do this.” 

Any rheumatology patient requiring further information about this matter can contact our PALS information service by email on [email protected] or by telephone on 01534 443515. 

The commissioning of the Royal College of Physicians review of the rheumatology service is in line with the wider review of governance and quality of care undertaken by Professor Hugo Mascie-Taylor last year. Professor Mascie-Taylor said HCS should adopt a low threshold for commissioning objective, fact-finding investigations, with relevant help and support being sought from external sources. He said independent investigations helped to ensure openness and transparency. 

The Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Karen Wilson, said: “We have an important duty of care to all patients if any questions around care or treatment arise. In this particular case, I have been assured that we will be doing everything we can to review the patients concerned as quickly as possible to give them, and all Islanders, reassurance and confidence in the service.”

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