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Electrification ‘Challenges’ for Grid Highlighted

Nov 10, 2022

The Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel held a Public Review Hearing on the Government Plan 2023 – 2026, with the Minister for the Environment, Deputy Jonathan Renouf on Wednesday 9 November 2022.

The Panel questioned the Minister on the Proposed Government Plan in relation to the Climate Emergency Fund and specifically asked for further details about the Carbon Neutral Roadmap policy initiatives which would be funded in 2023. Deputy Renouf explained there are programmes coming up that will be used to try and transfer away from fossil fuel: “The home heating scheme will be delivered first, in the early part of next year and the transport scheme will be towards the end of the first quarter, beginning of the second quarter” in 2023. 

He added: “there are undoubtedly going to be challenges in terms of the grid going forward and that’s part of an ongoing discussion about the investment needed”. Deputy Renouf continued: “Jersey Electricity are fully aware of the demands and the increase of demands that are coming”. 

The Panel also pressed the Minister on his wider spending plans and whether he has identified any value for money savings and was told that: “Budgets are fixed for the next year, but after that, will be flatlined” and in relation to increasing funds said: “cases will need to be made”. The Minister continued that the next stage is to identify those flatline figures and in line with inflation make “efficiency savings” going forward. 

When asked about the Climate Emergency Fund and the impact of any shortfall in Government finances, the Minister for the Environment explained: “Tax revenue should have relevance to what you’re trying to achieve”. He informed the Panel that hypothecation tax is useful in smaller communities: “In the context of a small community where you can see where the money is coming from and where it's going to, I find them useful. I think they have a really powerful role to play in helping, the public understand the direct relationship between revenue and expenditure”. 

Deputy Luce, Chair of the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure panel said “We thank the Minister for the Environment and his Officers for their time and insights. It was an informative hearing and look forward to receiving further information on the funding and specific climate initiatives going ahead into 2023, as well as what measures will be taken to ensure the electricity grid can cope with increased demand moving forward.”  

A full recording of the public hearing can be watched here

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