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Work Permit Policy Update - April 2022

Apr 06, 2022

The work permit policy in its current format has been in place since November 2020 and has undergone several changes to expand certain routes and add additional restrictions which has created some inconsistencies. This month the policy has been overhauled – changes to the layout will be obvious however I wanted to draw your attention to some specific changes:


This policy is updated on a regular basis and employers should familiarise themselves with the latest version that is available on the GOV.JE website. Policy changes will affect existing work permit holders and all applications will be assessed against the version of the policy that is in place at the time the application is submitted.

Temporary Work Permit Employment

  • Construction (General) – new 9-month temporary construction route available for full-time employment in this sector across multiple sites. Permits issued for up to 9-month. These permits cannot be extend and the employee must leave for a minimum period of 3 months. Employees cannot switch to 1-year temporary construction route.
  • Construction (Specific Project) – this route has been tighten up and the employee will only be able to extend their permits for the duration of the specific project that they have been employed for. These permits will not be extended beyond the completion of the specific project and the employee will be expected to leave the Island for a period equal to the time they have spent in Jersey. Employees on this route will be able to work on other sites. These changes have been made to closely reflect the business case submitted by the Jersey Construction Council in late 2020 on which this work permit route was created.
  • Appendix 5 – this is no longer restricted to hospitality. All those holding temporary work permits can take on additional part-time employment within their sector for a maximum period of 20 hours per week with the approval of the employer for which the work permit has been issued.

The following sections have been added to the work permit policy:

  • Contents
  • Dependants of skilled work permit holders
  • Requesting a review of a decision
  • Appendix 6 Guidance on submitting a business case

The work permit application has had some minor changes made to it (now live on GOV.JE)

  • Constructions routes have been re-labelled Construction (General) and Construction (Specific Project)
  • Construction (Specific Project) now request details of the specific project and anticipated completion date
  • The ability to enter dependants details on a skilled work permit application have been removed as this information does not need to be captured for this process

Work Permit Policy April 2022

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