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Update from Chamber 16/04/2020

Apr 16, 2020

Thursday update from Chamber.

I trust you are well and that from your doorstep at 8pm you’ll be showing your support for everyone on the frontline, bravely and heroically doing everything they can to help the larger majority of us get through this.

Today Chamber has again engaged in talks with Government to better understand and assist with some of the ongoing work of the Phase 2 co-funding. Good, healthy discussions, like many prior to today were had and we are very keen to build on these as the various stages of this crisis unfold. Chamber wishes to emphasise the major asset of expertise within the membership of Chamber and also having the value of direct access to a Government willing to listen to us. We may not agree on every detail of every policy, but we both also recognise the strength in working together for the benefit and best interests of the people of Jersey.


The Chief Minister and Health Minister and medical Director gave a briefing today.

You can watch it here:

There were Statements regarding the Ethical Framework

The Ethical Framework developed for Jersey was referred to


A few calls today from employers still concerned about Phase 2 and some of the guidelines. Again, I suspect we will hear more on this tomorrow. Specifically calls relating to this question:

Can the employer negotiate wage rate or hours with the employee during this time? The informal guidelines have this to say…

The ultimate objective of the scheme is to ensure that employers maintain employment that is as similar as practicable to the situation they were in pre-COVID-19. However, considering business pressures, employers have a right-to-manage and are permitted within the scheme to negotiate the number of hours an employee is scheduled to work. If a reduced number of hours is agreed, the subsidy will be paid at 80% of the gross wage paid to the employee. Employers are encouraged to try and keep employees in as similar a situation of work as before the COVID-19 crisis. However, it is appreciated this will have to be balanced with business pressures.

The full version of the latest FAQ’s are HERE

And there you have the shortest on updates from me. It’s Friday tomorrow by the way…

Stay safe, stay home and stay in touch,


Murray Norton

Chief Executive


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