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Update from Chamber 06/05/2020

May 06, 2020

Wednesday Update from Chamber 

Evening all, thanks for joining another nightly update, as we tip-toe through the tulips of Wednesday. I say that only to remind myself of where we are…

A non-stop day of talking to businesses and Government on the possibilities and practicalities of re-opening some businesses with a change from Phase 4 to Phase 3. Thank you to the many who gave some fairly instance feedback on their thoughts and issues. More on this work will unfold in the coming days.

Talking of which – the Friday Webchat is tomorrow afternoon – on a Thursday – from 4pm to 5pm.

As we await details of guidance regarding moving to a new stage of phased openings for businesses, The Live Thursday Chamber Chat from the Jersey Chamber of Commerce will look and the possibilities, practicalities and pitfalls of opening up your business. What careful considerations need to be calculated, before you crack open the doors your staff. From the health risks to the business sense, an essential one hour listen and Q&A session for you to join in on.

Among the panel guests for this week, the Chief Operating Officer of Jersey Business, Alexia McClure and Richard Plaster, a Director of HR and Health and Safety advisors, Law at Work plus a representative we hope from Government too. Any advance questions for the panel will be welcomed, so do please email questions to me.

Simply click on the link below and register and we look forward to your company and questions.


Planning department adapts to COVID-19

Yes, the Planning Committee will tomorrow meet for the first time since March. The meeting, which begins at 9.30am tomorrow (Thursday 7 May), will be accessible to the public online via Microsoft Teams so click on that link above if you’ve always wanted to watch… or the one below for more on this story.

The footfall report for week 18 is now out - Footfall in town has increased from last week again.

Footfall on King Street

This Week 38,883

Previous Week 35,110

Previous Year 180,396

2 Years Ago 184,217

Week on week % 10.7 %

Year on Year % -78.4 %


Aaron Labey Business Development tell us they are driven by one purpose: to help you be the best. Whether you need a super-cool advertising campaign, marketing that moves or creative ideas that make you stand out from the crowd, we are the team for you.

To find out more please visit or get in touch with Aaron - [email protected]/07797836845.

Survey time…

Grant Thornton, in association with the Jersey Chamber of Commerce has produced a survey to measure the impact COVID-19 on local businesses and the self-employed. It seeks to determine how local businesses have adapted in the face of this crisis, and look post crisis, at plans they may be considering. The survey deadline will close on Tuesday 12th May 2020, so get cracking if you have not completed the 19 questions yet… The COVID-19 Impact Survey can be accessed HERE.

And our good friends at the Jersey Employment Forum has their May 2020 Looking to the Future survey out right now and we’d ask you to encourage employees and networks to participate along with yourselves so that we can understand what is important to people across breadth of civil society in Jersey. Click on the link below to complete it.

Ready for a Liberation Day tipple?

Victor Hugo say celebrate the ultimate Lockdown Liberation Day Party without having to leave the comfort of your living room. Beers, wines, bubbly… all available delivered to your door. Why not treat yourself to a case of our award-winning Liberation Ale? We’ve created a special limited-edition commemorative bottle, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Liberation Day. If you order before May 16th, you also get a free pint glass. CALL 01534 764044

And on that note, I’ll raise a glass to you all, and don’t forget to register for the webchat tomorrow 4-5pm

Stay safe, buy locally if you can and stay in touch,


Murray Norton

Chief Executive


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