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Response to Scrutiny Report on Government Plan

Nov 11, 2019

Ministers have welcomed a constructive Scrutiny report on Jersey’s first ever Government Plan. An unprecedented 18 weeks was provided for democratic scrutiny of the Plan, and Ministers would like to thank panel members, and all the Islanders who gave their time and provided views to panels.

Deputy Chief Minister, Senator Lyndon Farnham, said: “The Government Plan combines a four-year package of spending, investment, efficiencies and modernisation proposals which are designed to deliver the priorities agreed by the States Assembly in 2018.

“I am pleased that Scrutiny’s Government Plan Review Panel have described the Plan as highly ambitious and acknowledged that it aims to balance resilience and financial stability over the longer term, while also delivering unparalleled levels of investment and transformational change.

“I’m also pleased that the expert advisors to Scrutiny (CIPFA) were positive about the overall structure and presentation of the Plan, in particular the way finances are linked to outcomes and service priorities.

“Our Plan demonstrates how we are investing for the long-term and placing the sustainable wellbeing of future generations at the heart of this, and future, Government Plans.

“Scrutiny’s report on the Government Plan contains hundreds of recommendations, covering internal processes as well as delivery of government priorities. We will review these recommendations in the coming weeks so that we can continue to improve the next Government Plan.”

The Government Plan includes proposals to:

  • Invest time, effort and money so Jersey becomes a great place for children to grow up
  • Tackle the climate emergency and care for the Island’s unique environment
  • Transform health and care services, and prepare for the ageing population
  • Invest in the economy, supporting both the newer and traditional sectors, so it remains a strong and stable foundation for Islanders’ quality of life
  • Improve the way government functions to deliver modern and value-for-money public services and infrastructure.

Senator Farnham added: “This is the first time for many years that both income and spending proposals have been brought together into one comprehensive, costed plan. That is why it is essential that proposals for income, spending and efficiencies should be dealt with together.

“It’s a prudent plan, which increases funding where it is needed in a way that is affordable each year, invests in our five strategic priorities, modernises our public services, and focuses firmly on the long-term and sustainable wellbeing of Islanders.”

Government of Jersey News Release.

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