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Reintroduction of Safer Travel Policy

Mar 19, 2021

Ministers are today announcing the reintroduction of a Safer Travel Policy, which will enable the Island to reconnect with the rest of the world, through a phased approach.

The first stage is to reinstate the red, amber, and green classifications for the UK and the other Crown Dependencies from Monday 26 April. The thresholds for the classifications will remain the same as they were before Jersey classified all areas as red, and the United Kingdom will continue to be broken down by local regions. This will be kept under weekly review. 

All other countries, including Ireland and mainland Europe, will remain under the red 10-day isolation regime.

From 26 April, anyone arriving in Jersey from the UK or the other Crown Dependencies, will have to provide their travel history in advance, through the online portal, and undertake PCR tests on arrival and on days 5 and 10 after arriving.

Those entering the Island from green zones will have to isolate until they have a negative result from their arrival test. 

Those arriving from amber zones will have to isolate until they have received a Day 5 negative test result, and those arriving from red zones will need to isolate until they have a Day 10 negative test result.  Anyone whose test result is positive will have to isolate for 14 days, in line with Public Health guidance. 

The red, amber, green classifications will be reintroduced for travel to Jersey from all other destinations no earlier than Monday 17 May, when the United Kingdom reintroduces international travel. 

Other changes

A number of changes to public health measures have also been made to ensure parity between different groups. 

From Friday 26 March there will be no restrictions on the number of people meeting indoors for worship, as long as they observe 2 metres physical distancing, their details are taken for contact tracing, and they wear masks. This means all faith communities can take part in the upcoming festivities of Easter and the feast of Passover. 

Also from Friday 26 March all children’s indoor activities can allow either up to 10 children without physical distancing or collection of contact details; or an unlimited number of children are permitted, as long as 2 metres physical distancing is observed, and contact details are taken for tracing purposes. 

And from the same date, up to 45 children can attend children’s outdoor activities, without physical distancing or the collection of contact details. 

The Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré, said: “We recognise that connectivity with other jurisdictions is a critical issue for many Islanders, whether to visit friends, family or to attend to important business matters. So we have developed a phased approach to reconnection, which safeguards our community and our successful vaccination programme, while also relaxing the restrictions for arriving passengers. 

“More than a year has now passed since we saw our first case in Jersey. People have lost their lives and we have all lost many freedoms, but we are in a good position now. We are moving towards an end to all restrictions and can approach our reconnection strategy with confidence.”

The Deputy Chief Minister, Senator Lyndon Farnham, said: “I am pleased to be announcing the reintroduction of our Safer Travel Policy, so we can allow visitors to enjoy our Island again. Not only will this bring much needed life to our hotels and restaurants, it also gives Islanders the ability to travel again without factoring in a 10-day isolation period on their return home.”

“Many Islanders have felt isolated during the pandemic, even those with friends and family nearby. So I hope today’s announcement will bring hope to those who have missed family overseas, and to those who want to travel again for their own wellbeing.

“Given the continued low cases in the Island, Ministers are asking STAC to look again at our internal reconnection to see which elements can be brought forward sooner. We will update Islanders on their decision once it has been made.”

Guidance can be found online at

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