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Jersey celebrates Commonwealth Day

Mar 08, 2021

Today, Jersey’s branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) is celebrating Commonwealth Day 2021. This year marks Jersey’s 60th year as a part of one of the largest international organisations which brings together parliamentarians from across the Commonwealth to promote equality, human rights and democratic freedoms.

Being part of the CPA provides States Members with a wealth of opportunities to build strong relationships with other Commonwealth jurisdictions, promote parliamentary democracy in the Assembly and take learnings from other jurisdictions. Although opportunities to meet fellow parliamentarians is limited to video at the moment, Members have recently participated in conferences and events focusing on encouraging more women to stand for election and strengthening policymaking to protect women and girls from violence and abuse.

Jersey’s CPA Branch is equally keen to raise awareness of the Island’s standout projects on an international stage; later this month, Deputy Inna Gardiner will speak at a global CPA event and share her work to phase out single-use bags in Jersey to reduce the Island’s waste.

Deputy Carolyn Labey, Chair of the Jersey branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, said: “Jersey benefits hugely from its close links with the Commonwealth and I am proud to lead the Island’s engagement work in this field. The last year has been challenging as we haven’t been able to meet face-to-face with our colleagues in other jurisdictions, but our involvement with the Commonwealth has, if anything, intensified because of the number of online seminars and conferences States Members now attend on subjects from gender equality to LGBT+ rights. Jersey punches above its weight in the Commonwealth and I am looking forward to showcasing more of our Island’s achievements and learning from others in the year to come”.

To mark Commonwealth Day 2021, the States Assembly will share Commonwealth-related Q&As accompanied by short, informative videos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram throughout the week.

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