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Climate Change Summit Statement

Dec 03, 2019

A tri-island summit has ended, with representatives from Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man having discussed how they can learn from one another, and work together, to address the challenge of climate change. 

The islands have committed to pool resources and share expertise to better understand each island’s greenhouse gas emissions in order to inform carbon reduction plans.

All three islands have committed to tackling climate change, and the summit, held in Jersey today (Monday, 2 December), involved Ministers and officers sharing their plans and objectives.

Jersey’s Minister for the Environment, Deputy John Young, said: “Climate change is a global problem, and we have a moral obligation to ensure that our islands are at the forefront of the changes that are necessary worldwide. This summit has demonstrated that all three islands have recognised the importance of addressing climate change, and that by working collectively we will be able to achieve more.”

Honorary Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister of Environment, Food & Agriculture for the Isle of Man said: “Climate change is likely going to be the defining issue of our time and while it is imperative to remain up to date with global trends in tackling climate change it is important to remember that small island nations such as the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey, will have similar opportunities and challenges.

“Events which bring open conversations with jurisdictions with similar economies, populations and cultures will continue to introduce new ways of thinking in terms of initiatives around the natural resources of island nations and challenges, such as issues surrounding economies of scale.

“As the Isle of Man looks to do its part as a global partner in its response to climate change it will continue to learn from, work with and engage with Jersey, Guernsey and other jurisdictions around the world.”

Deputy Barry Brehaut, President of the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure said: “The States of Guernsey has recognised that climate change has reached a critical point and that urgent action must be taken to address the climate and ecological crisis at both local and international levels. In June 2019, the States of Deliberation agreed that mitigating climate change should be an area of focus within the Policy & Resource Plan, the government priority plan until 2021. This includes the development of a climate change policy and action plan, which will be brought to the States for debate by May 2020. It was also agreed that, with immediate effect, any policy matters brought to the Assembly should address their impact on the environment.

“There are a number of existing strategies and policies that indirectly contribute towards mitigating and adapting to climate change. These include the renewable energy programme, integrated transport strategy, waste strategy and biodiversity strategy.

“We are committed to working with other jurisdictions in order to learn from their experiences and develop initiatives together.”

Government of Jersey Press Release.

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