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Broad Street to Remain Closed to Traffic

Apr 22, 2022

Broad Street in St Helier will remain closed to motor traffic until a review into the expected long-term impact of its closure is completed. 

Pedestrian priority was introduced in May 2020 to support physical distancing in King Street and at the Charing Cross intersection in the early stages of the pandemic. In the summer of 2021, a temporary Order was signed by the Infrastructure Minister, Deputy Kevin Lewis, to allow a further 12 months of closure following a proposition from St Helier Constable, Simon Crowcroft. 

The current Traffic Order expires in June 2022 and, by law, cannot be further extended. The Minister has therefore now signed a new Traffic Order to continue to restrict traffic, but has asked the Broad Street Project Board to prepare a final recommendations report for consideration. 

Deputy Kevin Lewis said: “This allows a little more time for consultation to assess how the character of this area of town is changing and how it can be best used. In light of the development proposals put forward by Le Masurier, which, if approved, would see many more residents, visitors and shoppers using the Broad Street and Commercial Street area, it is right that we continue to take stock and consult with traders. 

“The continuation of the closure is a decision that comes with the support of members of the Regeneration Steering Group, including the Constable of St Helier, and is as recommended by the Broad Street Project Board. This will allow further time for their evidence-based review to be completed.”

The Board, with representatives of the Parish, Chamber of Commerce and the Infrastructure, Housing and Environment department, released an Interim Report in December 2021. 

Constable Simon Crowcroft added: “The Parish often receives requests for space in town for pop up events, markets, performances, displays and other activities, and Broad Street is the perfect home for many of them. We have seen, just a stone’s throw away, how the pedestrianisation of Charing Cross has created a wonderful, vibrant area for Islanders to use on their lunch breaks, almost as an unofficial town square, or simply as a safe cut through into the town centre. 

“I’m supportive of this decision to keep Broad Street car and motorbike free, albeit it with the caveat of the completion of the review by the Broad Street Project Board, which includes representation from our Town Centre Manager. ” 

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