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Scrutiny Begins Review of Post-16 Education in the Island

Sep 10, 2018

The Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel, chaired by Deputy Rob Ward announces its review of the current Post-16 provision in the Island. The Panel has established its Terms of Reference and will soon be making a public call for evidence.

Post-16 Education relates to the learning opportunities for young people (and adults) after compulsory schooling has been completed. At this stage young people often take one of two possible paths. One is to undertake A-Levels at one of the four fee-paying schools (Victoria College, Jersey College for Girls, De La Salle and Beaulieu) or one non-fee paying school (Hautlieu), and the other is to study either academic or vocational courses at Highlands College. There has been a decline in young people from Jersey attending higher education (University etc.) over the past 12 years and subsequently it is important to understand whether or not the current Post-16 education provision in the Island is providing young people with the skills they need to enter into employment. It is also important to understand whether or not the current Post-16 education provision is meeting the requirements of local businesses in terms of producing suitably qualified students.

In light of the above, the Panel’s review will explore the following key issues:

  • What are the current courses and qualifications available to young people post-16
  • Whether these courses and qualifications meet the needs of young people
  • Whether the current post-16 provision meets the needs of local businesses and industries in terms of providing suitably qualified employees
  • Whether the current system equips young people to be active members of society
  • How Jersey compares to other post-16 education systems from other jurisdictions

Deputy Rob Ward, Chairman of the Panel stated:
“Learning is something that we continue to do at all stages of our lives, whether it be through employment, training or academic study. There is a continuing pressure on children and young people to develop skills that will aid their pursuit of qualifications and employment, and post-16 education is one of the most important areas where these skills are developed. The Panel will look at what Jersey is currently doing for young people post-16 and examine whether it is meeting their needs and the needs of local business and industries. It will also look at post-16 provision in other jurisdictions to see how Jersey compares.” 

The Panel will write to identified stakeholders, including the Minister for Education in order to gather material relevant to its enquiry.  Public Hearings will also be held in due course.  The Panel is aiming to report on this matter by March 2019. If you would like to write to the Panel with a submission please send it to the Scrutiny Office, Morier House, Halkett Place, St Helier, JE1 1DD or to [email protected]

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