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Vehicle Inspections Update

May 14, 2021

A Government owned, inspection centre has been chosen as the preferred option for delivering Periodic Technical Inspections (PTIs) of cars and motorcycles.

Following an independent consultation by Prosperity 24/7 with the Island’s motor industry, it was decided that inspections should be undertaken in a dedicated Government owned centre.

The consultation assessed five potential options: an industry-led approach, a Government owned facility run a by a franchise, a Government owned and run facility, a privately owned and run facility, or a hybrid approach.

Further work will now be undertaken to decide whether the centre should be operated by the Government or by the private sector under a franchise agreement.

Jersey became a signatory to the Vienna Convention for Road Traffic in December 2019 which allows Islanders to continue driving freely through Europe, as the PTIs ensure vehicles adhere to standards when outside the Island.

Under the agreed inspection regime, a car will require its first inspection after it is five years old and then every three years thereafter, with motorcycles first inspected after three years and then every two years after that.

Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Kevin Lewis, said: “To comply with the Vienna Convention, jurisdictions must undertake PTIs of all vehicles, and the department is working to a timeframe that will see these inspections introduced in Jersey by 2024.

“I’m satisfied that the single, dedicated inspection centre option meets the key criteria and represents the most suitable option for vehicle inspections in Jersey. It means demand can be met, the implementation timetable can be controlled and that there’ll be a consistent quality of inspections.

“As well as taking into consideration feedback from the local industry consultation, the review process has included considerable research and insights from colleagues in other jurisdictions.”

Maintenance or repair work, before or after inspections, will still be carried out by the customer’s choice of local garage.

Government of Jersey News Release.

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