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Safer Travel Update 02 July 2021

Jul 02, 2021

Following advice from Public Health, and in consultation with the Scientific and Technical Advisory Cell (STAC), the Government has introduced three changes to the Safer Travel Policy in relation to aspects of international travel.

Firstly, all travellers will provide a 10-day travel history, rather than a 14-day travel history.

Secondly, all direct arrivals to Jersey from UK Red List countries will have to self-isolate for 10 days, and be tested three times, including under 18s, and fully-vaccinated arrivals. Given the UK quarantine policy, these instances will be very small in number.

Thirdly, people travelling from a UK Red List country to Jersey via the UK will no longer be required to self-isolate for 10 days in Jersey, following their first isolation period in the UK (also of 10 days).

Under current policy, people arriving into the UK are presently required to self-isolate in a managed quarantine facility for 10 days after they arrive in the UK and then are required to isolate for a further 10 days in Jersey.

Currently, Jersey applies its own classification criteria to all countries with which it has direct travel links (this includes the nations of the UK, France and Madeira among others). All other countries are classified in line with the UK Government’s red, amber and green list.

The changes – which apply to passengers arriving after 00:01 on Tuesday 6 July – have been introduced to further align Government of Jersey policy with UK travel classifications as approved by Competent Authorities Ministers.

Travel history requirements changed

From 00:01 on Tuesday 6 July, arrivals into the Island will be required to declare their travel history for the 10 days before they arrive in Jersey, not 14 days (as previously required).

This 10-day travel history will be used to assess their travel classification as Red, Amber, or Green or UK Red List. Arrivals will still be subject to the strictest testing and isolation requirements for the countries they declare.

UK Red List alignment

From 00:01 on Tuesday 6 July, people arriving into the Island directly from countries in the UK’s Red List of countries will be classified as Red regardless of their age or vaccination status.

From this date all passengers who declare that they have travelled to a UK Red List country in the 10 days before they arrive in Jersey will be required to either isolate for 14 days or:

  • Be tested on Day 0, Day 5 and Day 10
  • Isolate until a Day 10 negative test result

These requirements will apply to all arrivals, including those who are under the age 18 or who are fully vaccinated.

Passengers who have not visited a UK Red list country in the 10 days before arrival in Jersey will be unaffected by the change.

Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré said: “Following advice from STAC, these changes ensure that our policy is aligned to the UK Red List arrangements, which are aimed at managing the risk posed by new variants of concern at the border, whilst continuing to simplify the process.

“The reduction in the travel history from 14 days to 10 days means that people will not face a ‘double isolation’ where they may have to isolate for 10 days in the UK, then isolate again for another 10 days when they arrive in Jersey.”

“As ever, we continue to monitor the situation regionally and globally to ensure that we can maintain vital connectivity where possible, while also minimising the risk of cases from inbound travel.”

More information is available on the Government of Jersey website:

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