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Ports of Jersey remind arriving passengers to pre-register before travelling

Aug 11, 2020

Ports of Jersey is reminding all passengers, whether they plan to take a PCR test or not at the ports to pre-register prior to traveling to ensure a quicker and smoother process upon arrival.

Since the borders reopened on 03 July 2020 in excess of 30,000 passengers have travelled through the ports, either by air or sea, with the majority opting to take a test upon arrival. Whilst the testing process itself only takes a short time there are still a number of passengers who have not pre-registered or indeed are not aware of the need to pre-register so instead do so upon arrival, which can cause a delay to their overall journey.

Ports of Jersey is therefore appealing not only to passengers but also reaching out to holiday accommodation providers and residents who may be hosting family and friends during their visit to remind guests of their need to do so.

Passenger services Manager for Ports of Jersey, Maria Le Tiec, explains, “We are now in the peak of our holiday season and with more routes now operating, we are of course handling larger numbers of passengers. The testing system has been going very well so far and the feedback has been very positive. However, despite the use of social media reminders, we are very conscious that some passengers who do not follow such media channels are still unaware of the pre-registration requirement and the need to do so prior to travelling. Therefore, we are asking the wider community to help relay our message to those who are planning to visit Jersey or returning to the Island following their own holiday. Despite the current restrictions many passengers are very understanding of the processes in place and we want to make it even quicker and smoother for them when they arrive”.

To pre-register, passengers should click on and follow the applicable links. Passengers must submit their personal details, together with a declaration of health, recent countries visited prior to departure, whether they have Covid-19 systems or have been in close contact with someone who is infected.

Ports of Jersey Press Release.

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