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Inspections for Medium Goods Vehicles Underway

Oct 04, 2019

The owners of medium goods vehicles (MGVs) are being warned not to leave it to the last minute to book the new Driver and Vehicle Standards (DVS) inspection.

The deadline by which all Jersey MGVs (commercially operated vehicles over weighing between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes) must be inspected is 13 May 2020, after which any vehicle that hasn’t been checked risks being taken off the road. On 19 March 2019, letters were sent to every registered owner asking them to contact DVS and book their MGV in for inspection but, so far, the response has been one in six.

Gordon Forrest, Inspector of Motor Traffic at DVS, said: “Owners are given a year in which to have their MGV inspected, we deliberately gave them such a long period so that they could prepare.

“Our capacity is eight inspections a day, and well-managed companies have their vehicles scheduled months in advance. I understand that, for many owners, their priority is running their business but they cannot leave it to the last minute to book an inspection and expect to get one.

“Owners are already legally obliged to ensure that their vehicle is roadworthy, and the inspection should merely confirm that is the case. It will be annual and I would expect it to become routine as part of their maintenance and inspection planning. The Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Licence Scheme aims to ensure commercial vehicles on Jersey roads are safe and well maintained, if a vehicle is found to have not been inspected it will be taken off the road.”

Checks on MGVs began on the 14 May this year and generally take about an hour to complete. It is advised that the driver stays onsite at La Collette, whilst the vehicle is being inspected in order to hear of any advice if issues are found.

On passing the inspection, the vehicle is issued with a Certificate of Compliance which is valid for 12 months.

MGV owners who have not booked their vehicle in for its first inspection should contact DVS by calling +44(0)1534 448631 or by emailing [email protected].

More information about the inspections and the scheme is available on  

Government of Jersey Press Release.

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