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Havre des Pas: Impact of Proposed Improvements

Feb 22, 2019

Research has been published on the impact of making roads in Havre des Pas one way. This follows proposals by the Havre des Pas Steering Group to make both the road along the seafront and Green Street one way.

The summary of a feasibility study conducted by Growth, Housing and Environment concludes that the change could:

  • reduce average speed of motorists on Route du Fort to below 4mph at peak times
  • significantly increase queuing and journey times from West Park to Rue des Pres
  • cause significant town-wide traffic congestion, leading to a significant impact on the island's ecomomy
  • reduce air quality
  • mean bus users in the area have further to walk, which may be difficult for people with disabilities
  • increase bus costs by approximately £250,000, if the hoppa service (to shuttle passengers between the current stops) proposed by the Steering Group were introduced

The Minister for Infrastructure says he and his officers have been working closely with the Havre des Pas Steering Group to improve the area’s environment and the group was given the summary some time ago. Deputy Kevin Lewis said: “Some good ideas have been put forward which, I’m sure, would help improve the area, and I want all parties to work together to develop them.

"The Havre des Pas Steering Group will be consulting residents very soon, and I would encourage them to add their voice and their views to the consultation.

“There are a number of proposals which we would be happy to help develop, if the consultation indicates that residents support them. However improvements to one part of the island can’t come at a cost to the quality of life in the surrounding area, a condition which is in line with the Council of Ministers’ commitment to protect and value our environment. I therefore need to balance the views of the local community, the wider transport network, the environment and the economy.”

The proposals which the Minister for Infrastructure thinks can be done to improve life for residents and visitors include:

  • improved pedestrian crossing
  • traffic calming to create a self-enforcing 20mph limit through Havre des Pas
  • junction improvements
  • public realm enhancements
  • potential restrictions to HGV traffic
  • selected high season/holiday off-peak, part-time closures to support summer trade

Deputy Lewis added: “I want to continue working with the Havre des Pas Steering Group, and we have ideas for other traffic calming measures which will be almost as effective, without bringing gridlock to St Helier."

Read The Village Improvement Scheme Report

Havre de Pas residents are to be asked for their views from 22 February by the Havre des Pas Steering Group. The consultation is being carried out by the Havre des Pas Steering Group on behalf of the Parish of St Helier.

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