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Update: Pier Road Disaster Recovery

Feb 22, 2023

• More than half of displaced households moved into permanent new homes

• Experts working to recover personal possessions from the site and return them 

• Extensive support being provided to affected residents

Updates on the Pier Road disaster recovery efforts have not been issued while funeral services of those who lost their lives have been taking place out of respect for the bereaved families of the 10 Islanders who lost their lives.

The Government of Jersey and its partners would like to thank members of the media for their cooperation and understanding during this period of sensitivity and grief. 

Pier Road disaster recovery

Following the Pier Road disaster on 10 December 2022, there has been a multiagency recovery effort on the site of Haut du Mont.

A total of 29 households from Haut du Mont were displaced because of the disaster and they were all found immediate appropriate temporary accommodation. More than half of the displaced households have now moved into new permanent homes, which have been fully furnished by Andium Homes.

Andium Homes is actively working to identify properties for the remaining displaced residents, and continues to work closely with residents to move them into their new homes.

Recovery of personal items

The residents of properties which were not directly impacted by the explosion have been offered the opportunity to return to their homes to collect their smaller possessions. Plans are in place for larger possessions to be returned. These visits have been facilitated by specialists in the dedicated Support Hub and Andium Homes.

Teams are working to return personal possessions to residents of those properties which were more severely damaged by the explosion and are structurally unsafe. These residents have not been able to return to retrieve their personal items, but it is hoped this work will be completed in April.

Specially trained police search officers remain at the scene looking for any remaining evidence relevant to the investigation.

Alongside police search officers, a team of 30 disaster recovery experts continue their efforts to ensure all personal items are found and returned. To date, the team has spent more than 7,000working hours on the site recovery, and more than 300 tonnes of rubble have been sifted to locate and recover items of personal property. All rubble from the site has been moved to a secure . Disaster recovery teams are expected to remain on site until mid to late April.

Beyond the recovery of personal belongings, retrieved items are being carefully processed at a secure location. An electronic and hard copy catalogue is being prepared for bereaved families to view so they can identify their family members’ belongings. The cataloguing process will continue until the middle of the year. The team will then facilitate the cleaning, repair, and secure delivery of the items, according to the families’ wishes.

The security of the site and the personal possessions which remain there is of the utmost importance. To further maintain site security, gates will be installed at either end of the cordon later this week. The site remains in the possession of States of Jersey Police as part of the ongoing investigation, Operation Spire. More details on the site transition will follow in due course. 

Support and wellbeing 

Following the incident, a dedicated Support Hub – coordinated through Customer and Local Services – was set up to ensure all displaced residents were given immediate support, as well as access to free primary care, emergency funds, and replacement items.

Displaced residents continue to receive support through the service, which comprises professionals from Health and Community Services, adult social work, Andium Homes, mental health , and Support Hub officers. The Parish of St Clement and its Community Support Team have played a critical role in delivering the wrap around support. Members of the team are in contact with the community on a frequent basis.

Two coordinated group visits to the Haut du Mont site have taken place for bereaved families and displaced residents. The respective visits were organised through States of Jersey Police Family Officers and the Support Hub so those affected could spend time at the site, pay their respects and leave tributes. During and after the visit, displaced residents were offered support by Jersey Recovery College, Mind Jersey, Listening Lounge and the Deanery of Jersey.

The Support Hub has also facilitated regular coffee mornings for the displaced residents, which are held in a safe space outside of town. The coffee mornings provide an opportunity for residents to come together as a community and receive help and support from experts. The meetings are also a place for important information to be shared with the displaced community. Family Liaison Officers from States of Jersey Police continue to support the bereaved families.

Mental health support continues to be offered for the displaced community through the Listening Lounge and Jersey Recovery College. A dedicated regular Listening Lounge session for displaced residents has begun to encourage a coming together for growth, healing, and connection.

To reinforce the early wellbeing support that has been provided to all Islanders affected by the incidents, wellbeing packages for ongoing support are being developed across Government of Jersey services.

Next steps for site recovery

The site will be handed over from States of Jersey Police to Government once the examination of the crime scene is completed.

Work is just starting on the process for considering the appropriate next steps for the future of the Haut du Mont site. This will involve bereaved families, displaced residents, and the surrounding communities so that the most appropriate options can be considered. 

The Deputy Chief Minister, Deputy Kirsten Morel, said: “It is remarkable to see how agencies, parishes, businesses and Islanders have come together and offered support at a time of need for our Island.

“The way response and recovery teams have stepped up to ensure service delivery, public safety and respect for the lives that have been lost is truly outstanding. The whole Council of Ministers continues to recognise the care, humanity and hard work that is going into this Island recovery effort.

“Throughout the response, Andium Homes has put its residents first to ensure their requirements are prioritised. I would like to thank all the Andium staff for their work.

“We are fortunate to be working with world class professionals on the Pier Road site recovery. I am grateful for the teams who have been retrieving items for the displaced residents and bereaved families. They have shown immense care and professionalism, retrieving items as small earrings from the scene. 

“While it is too soon to be making any firm plans for the future of the site, any next steps will be considered with bereaved families and the displaced community, to make sure we have a positive outcome for our Island. This will take time and will be very sensitive to those most affected.”

Government of Jersey Recovery Coordination Press Release

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