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Update on Flooding at Grands Vaux

Jan 19, 2023

Please see below an update on the flooding at Grands Vaux:

•    States of Jersey Police and Jersey Fire and Rescue Service have stood down personnel from the scene. SOJP are moving towards an operational return to Business As Usual (‘BAU’).

•    The Andium Homes office on-site is functioning well and welcoming residents who need to return to their properties. Customer and Local Services colleagues are supporting Andium Homes.

•    All roads in the area have now been opened and any ‘Road Closed’ signage has been removed. Drivers are being urged to take care. 

•    Jersey Electricity have checked affected properties where accessible. They are confident that the electrical systems in those properties have not been impacted. This includes Andium Homes, private rented or owned homes, and schools. However, any residents who have        concerns can call the JEC emergency line on 505050.

•    Grands Vaux School and youth club will re-open tomorrow. Outside areas of the school have been damaged but the school building itself has not been damaged. Any damaged areas will be cordoned off while work to improve them is ongoing. Support is being provided to  affected children.

•    Water levels are continuing to recede in Island reservoirs, although they are still high. Jersey Water are continuing to monitor and expect to move to BAU tomorrow. 

•    Sewage overspill sites have been identified in different areas, including 11 beach locations. Signage has been put up on these beaches and near affected areas. These will be kept in place until the water has been tested and cleared from any pollutants to avoid any risk to the public. 

•    Jersey Met report there has been 2mm of rain today. Tomorrow (Thurs) fewer and lighter showers are expected. Friday and Saturday will be mainly dry.

•    The Infrastructure Department will look to perform cross-Island inspections as we move into recovery. Officers have begun reviewing affected parish and private roads. Officers will begin reviewing the sewage network in the Grands Vaux area early next week.

•    There are no concerns about Sandybrook in St Peter. The stream is no longer overflowing, and no properties are thought to be at risk. 

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