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Update on the Flash Floods Grands Vaux

Jan 18, 2023

An update has been provided by the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service.

We are actively monitoring the water levels during this evening and into tomorrow morning.

During today and this evening, emergency services have been directly advising residents to evacuate sections of the upper Grands Vaux area because of the ongoing danger from flood waters.

In the next few hours, further house calls will be made and those who are able to leave safely should, upon individual advice from the emergency services knocking at their door, immediately evacuate properties. 

It is better to do this in advance, than be left at home should water begin to rise further. 

These evacuation advice calls include the area starting from Grands Vaux School and running along Les Grands Vaux until Troy Court, including: 

• Willow Grove 

• Pillar Gardens 

• Nicholson Close 

• Whitely Close 

• Sutton Court 

• Wilkes Gardens 

• Les Vaux Flats

Affected residents, who have been told by emergency services that they should evacuate are actively encouraged to stay with friends and family for the short term. Andium are content that they have secured sufficient rooms for their residents from the area and further hotel rooms are available as back up or for non-Andium residents who may require them. 

Some residents may be asked to proceed to St Saviour’s Parish Hall, where immediate shelter, advice and support are available. Hot food will also be provided. Donations are not required at this stage.

If residents have not been contacted within the next few hours, they are not being advised to evacuate.

A Press Conference will take place at 8pm this evening and will be streamed on Government of Jersey social media channels.

Members of the Communications Team will be staffing a public information line tonight, and this will be supported by colleagues from Customer and Local Service from tomorrow morning. The details of this number will be shared at the press conference.

Grands Vaux School, which was closed today, will remain closed tomorrow.

A Scientific Technical Advisory Cell (STAC) will be formed tomorrow to consider any public health implications, this includes the presence of human waste that may have come out of the drain system during the flooding. Parents should be careful of where their children play, and pet owners should also be extra vigilant, sea swimming should be refrained from until public health officials confirm it is safe to do so.

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