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Sewerage Capacity Issues to be Scrutinised

May 05, 2023

Today, the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel (the Panel) has launched a review into the Government of Jersey’s Bridging Liquid Waste Strategy 2023-2026.

The review’s main aim is to assess how the Bridging Liquid Waste Strategy 2023-26 plans to address known issues with ageing and capacity of the Island’s current sewerage and drainage network. The current network has been under strain due to population growth, climate change, and allocated funds intended for upkeep of the network being diverted to fund the new Sewage Treatment Works. It has been identified that the ageing sewerage network is resulting in insufficient infrastructure capacity to accommodate new developments and to meet housing targets set out in the Bridging Island Plan 2022-25, including those sites re-zoned for affordable housing. Planned developments cannot be occupied until the network is increased or improved and can accommodate the additional flows.

The Panel’s review will also: 

1.    Consider the suitability and sustainability of proposed solutions which have been identified in the strategy and explore whether there are other possible alternative options.

2.    Consider the historic underfunding of essential infrastructure-related services and how Government can take a more longer-term strategic approach to funding essential works.

3.    Consider how and to what extent the Bridging Liquid Waste Strategy 2023-26 will ensure greater resilience to challenges posed by climate change, such as flooding events.

Deputy Steve Luce, Chair of the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel, said: ‘Recent events have taught us that it is of the utmost importance that we become more resilient as an Island. Our ability to manage the issue of the Island’s liquid waste has a knock-on effect on our ability to not only mitigate against flooding and sewage overspills but also on our ability to deliver much-needed housing for our Island community. This review will help to ensure that the correct strategy is being implemented to deal with this growing problem.’ 

To inform its review, the Panel will be engaging with relevant Ministers and industry representatives to gather evidence, with the aim of presenting the findings to the States Assembly in a final report by August/September 2023. The report will include key recommendations which Ministers will be required to respond to within six weeks of the report’s presentation.

The Panel would particularly like to hear from industry representatives and/or members of the public who have experienced any difficulty connecting to the main sewerage network. Individuals and organisations can share their views:

1.    By completing the ‘Get involved’ form on the States Assembly website 

2.    By emailing [email protected]

3.    By messaging the States Assembly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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