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Public Health Announce Independent Chair of PFAS Scientific Panel

Apr 06, 2023

• Dr Steve Hajioff appointed as chair of PFAS Scientific Panel

• Agreed topics for examination announced

• First panel meeting expected for quarter two

Public Health have today announced the chair and topics to be examined by the Independent PFAS Scientific Advisory Panel, which will advise and make recommendations to Government.

Dr Steve Hajioff will chair the panel, which will report to the Director of Public Health. During the panel’s term they will examine set topics and provide reports. The topics and reports will enable an evidenced-informed approach to decision-making, allowing for a considered response to PFAS matters on the Island.

The topics the panel will report on are:

1. Clinical interventions 

2. Assessment of evidence on health impacts of PFAS

3. PFAS blood testing and re-testing 

4. Environmental management 

Dr Hajioff is a doctor and has experience in leading multi-disciplinary panel as well as leading programmes relating to the environment and health, the development of new healthcare technologies and the development of rules and policies. He is currently in the process of appointing additional members to sit with him on the panel.

Professor Peter Bradley, Director of Public Health said “I’m delighted that Steve Hajioff has agreed to chair the independent panel. He is particularly well suited to this role because of his background as a doctor and his significant experience leading panels that developed clinical guidelines for England.

“In appointing Steve as chair, we engaged a stakeholder panel which included three residents from the community that had their blood tested for level of PFAS. I am grateful for their input and find it very assuring that Steve was the preferred chair of both the stakeholder panel and interview panel.”

Dr Hajioff added: “This is an exciting opportunity to hear the voices of the community, to explore an emerging area of science and to make recommendations on effective and meaningful ways to respond to the situation. It is an honour to be asked to lead this process .”

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