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Preparations Underway as Heavy Rain Forecast

Mar 07, 2023

• Wetter weather forecast

• Situation being assessed

• Action taken to mitigate flood risk

Following on from the recent drier spell, Jersey Met is forecasting a period of wetter weather, with significant amounts of rainfall over the next 7 days, with the heaviest rainfall expected this evening and overnight.

The Ops and Transport and Jersey Met teams from Infrastructure, Housing and Environment (IHE) have been working closely together with Jersey Water to assess the situation and mitigate flood risks as much as possible.

The IHE drainage teams are well prepared and have been out over the last few days, checking the gullies and clearing the drains in the Grand Vaux area and other low-lying hotspots around the Island. They will continue to check them over the coming days.

Jersey Water are constantly monitoring the reservoir levels, providing reassurance that all their normal maintenance and inspection practices are in place and their alarm systems are operating normally.

Following a much drier than average February, the Island reservoirs are holding less water than normal for this time of year with overall storage currently at 95%. Typically, they would be full at this time of year.

Group Director of Natural Environment, Willie Peggie, said: “The current weather forecast is for significant rain tonight into tomorrow in Jersey, possibly up to 35mm, which has the potential to create standing water on the roads and in low-lying areas.

“We’re monitoring the situation and working with our partners, including Jersey Water and the Parishes to be as prepared as possible for heavy rainfall.”

All agencies continue to keep a close watch on the situation and Islanders are advised to look out for updated weather forecasts and follow any flood defence advice provided. 

Islanders can stay up to date with the latest weather forecast issued from Jersey Met at, or on Twitter @Jersey_Met

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