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NOT a Load of Rubbish Campaign

Apr 06, 2023

In Jersey, household and commercial waste is sent to the Energy Recovery Facility. In 2022 we burnt a total of 70,676 tonnes of waste. Burning waste creates carbon emissions which contributes to climate change. It also produces an ash called incinerator bottom ash, which has to be shipped to the UK for specialist recycling.

A resource pack has been put together to encourage businesses to consider their waste in line with the waste hierarchy. The waste hierarchy ranks waste management options against what’s best for the environment.

When waste is created, you should give priority to:

1.    reduce

2.    reuse and repair

3.    recycle

4.    energy recovery

5.    disposal

More information about the waste campaign can be found at 

Please get in contact at [email protected] if you have an questions, queries or suggestions.

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