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Monitoring Report About Beaulieu School Published

May 26, 2023

• Follow-up report on Beaulieu School published today

• Report follows monitoring visit in April 2023

• Report finds that “effective action” has been taken

A follow-up report on Beaulieu School is published on the Government of Jersey website today. (Tuesday 23 May)

The follow-up report was written after a follow-up monitoring visit in April by a lead reviewer and comes after a review of the school which took place in November 2022, using the Jersey Schools Review Framework.

The Jersey Schools Review Framework aspires to further enhance the effectiveness of education in Jersey through the evaluation, support and challenge of schools.

This monitoring visit was conducted by the same senior adviser from the Department for Children, Young People, Education and Skills who led the team that reviewed the school in November 2022. They are an experienced off-Island school inspector.

The visit concentrated on the progress leaders have made in responding to the recommendations made by the Jersey School Review, with a particular focus on the checks made in relation to staff recruitment and how these are recorded and leaders’ plans to improve their self-evaluation and their monitoring of the quality of the curriculum provision.

The monitoring visit judged:

Senior leaders and trustees are taking effective action to tackle the key areas identified for improvement in November.

Key findings:

 • the school’s new executive leadership team and trustees accept and agree with the key findings of the review. Working together, they have swiftly prioritised improving communication with parents, made new      appointments and have taken significant steps forward to begin to address the key priorities for improvement identified at the time

 • leaders have worked hard to transform their record keeping systems in relation to the checks that are made on staff, directors, trustees and volunteers to ensure that they are safe to work with children

 • leaders have ensured that all the required school policies are now available to parents on the school website

 • the acting headteacher, head of primary and chief operating officer have worked together as the executive leadership team to design a new strategic vision for the  school for the next 18 months

 • new primary and secondary school curriculum policies have been drafted which ensure that the school is now compliant with requirements

 • recognising that there was limited guidance for staff on evaluating the quality of teaching and learning in the past, leaders have begun to address this

Minister for Children and Education, Deputy Inna Gardiner, said: “In November last year, Beaulieu School volunteered to be the first non-provided, grant funded school to be reviewed under the Jersey Schools Review Framework (JSRF). I thank them for doing that and for their ongoing work with my department.

“I am reassured to read of the progress made and look forward to this continuing. I know how important this is to Beaulieu parents.

“I am grateful for the work of the school and the CYPES team and what has been achieved in a short space of time.”

Paul Robinson, Acting Headteacher at Beaulieu, said: "I am overwhelmed by the response that the School has received in recent months from all members of the Beaulieu community and we are appreciative of the continued support and guidance being offered to Beaulieu by the Government of Jersey.

“I would like to thank all staff at Beaulieu, who have risen to the challenge of responding to the November report with dedication, determination and passion. All staff remain fully committed to the students under our care, and I look forward to continuing to work with parents, students and staff, so that Beaulieu remains and continues to develop as a wonderful place to both learn and work."

All school reviews are published online: JSRF Report Beaulieu.pdf (

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