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L’Ecume II: Exclusion Zone Reduced and Formal Agreement With Bahamas Over Maritime Investigation

Jan 09, 2023

Two Ministerial Decisions relating to the sinking of the L’Ecume II and the resulting investigations have been signed by the Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture, Deputy Kirsten Morel.

The first reduces the maritime exclusion zone from the immediate location of the wrecked fishing vessel to 250 metres in all directions from the previous 750 metres. The Minister confirming that this should continue to prohibit the passage of any unauthorised vessels, diving, fishing, laying of static gear and trawling activity within the reduced exclusion zone.

It also authorises the Harbour Master to vary the radius of the exclusion zone to facilitate any legitimate salvage operation and to remove the maritime exclusion zone once the Harbour Master is satisfied that an exclusion zone is no longer required, having given the Minister prior written notice.

The second MD authorises the Harbour Master to conclude and sign a suitable memorandum of understanding with the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) to formalise arrangements for the progression of the maritime inquiry, which will be led by the BMA. It also notes the engagement of the Maritime Industry Authority of the Philippines as a Substantially Interested State party to the inquiry.

Deputy Morel said: “Following the appointment of the States of Jersey Police to undertake the enforcement investigation. I’m pleased that we’re now in a position to formally engage with the Bahamas Maritime Authority so it can lead the maritime investigation with support from Jersey and the Philippines.”

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