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Jersey Signs New Reciprocal Health Agreement With The UK

May 26, 2023

• Healthcare arrangements with UK to continue, thanks to new agreement

• Individuals visiting host nation for less than six months eligible for cover

• New RHA comes into effect from 25 May 2023

Jersey and the United Kingdom have re-signed their Reciprocal Health Agreement (RHA), solidifying their commitment to providing essential healthcare services for people travelling between the two jurisdictions.

The new RHA - signed by Chris Bown, Temporary Chief Officer of Health and Community Services (HCS) in Jersey, and Ed Moses, UK Department of Health and Social Care Director of EU, Trade and the Union - aims to ensure that individuals qualifying for free healthcare in Jersey or the UK can continue to receive necessary emergency treatment without incurring certain healthcare charges.

While certain costs, such as specific follow-up treatments and travel expenses, may not be covered under the agreement, the RHA does now benefit individuals visiting the host country for less than six months, compared to the current limit of three months. However, they must hold no intention of permanently relocating. For students, the agreement covers the full duration of their course of study, while HCS will continue to cover the cost of pre-authorised care in the UK for treatments that cannot be provided in Jersey.

Chris Bown, Temporary Chief Officer of Health and Community Services said: "The Reciprocal Health Agreement further strengthens the bond between Jersey and the UK, ensuring that those in need of emergency healthcare can receive the treatment they require without financial worry. We are pleased to collaborate with our counterparts in the UK to continue making healthcare more accessible and efficient for our residents and visitors."

The Reciprocal Health Agreement will take effect from 25 May 2023, when the existing agreement, dated 1 April 2011, will be terminated.

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