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Islanders Advised To Check Sycamore Trees For Sooty Bark Disease

May 24, 2023

• Islanders asked to carry out annual check of sycamore trees

• Widespread disease leaves trees brittle and at risk of falling

• FFP3 masks are recommended when working with infected wood as spores are hyper-allergenic

The Natural Environment team is advising Islanders to do an annual check of their sycamore trees

as a widespread disease causes the trees to become brittle and at risk of falling. 

Symptoms of infected trees include:

  •  Branch dieback
  •  Dry and brittle trees
  •  Fast decline of infected trees in hot and dry conditions
  •  Flaking layers of bark
  •  Sooty black powdery spores on the trunk between bark layers
  •  Cross section of cut wood has green/brown staining

If Islanders own a tree that they believe may have the disease, they should contact a tree surgeon

for advice. 

FFP3 face masks are recommended when working with infected wood, and care should be taken if 

chipping or sawing for extended periods as the spores are hyper-allergenic. 

Sooty Bark Disease is widespread in Jersey and most notable in valleys where sycamore trees are 


Visual symptoms are not always noticeable during cool and damp weather, and only in hot and dry 

conditions does the disease become visible through the fast deterioration of tree health and spore


Sooty Bark Disease is caused by the plant pathogenic fungus Cryptostroma corticale. It has been 

present in the UK since the mid-twentieth century but repeated dry summers may have contributed 

to the recent impact of this disease.

Government of Jersey News Release.

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