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Improved Information and Services for Children and Families

Mar 31, 2023

• New webpage and social media page for children and families

• Includes a list of registered childcare, holiday clubs and activities, parenting programmes and support details in one place

A service which provides support and safeguarding advice to children and families in Jersey has been refreshed and enhanced to offer more information about childcare and holiday clubs to running parenting programmes.

The Children and Families Hub directory has been strengthened to ensure families get the right help at the right time and that information is made easily available and accessible.

This is one of the priorities in the Children and Education Minister, Deputy Inna Gardiner’s, Delivery Plan 2023, which includes engaging with children and families to understand how parenting services can be better accessed and improved.

The Hub (which has responded to requests for 9,641 children since it was launched during the Covid pandemic) provides information, advice and support to families, signposts to support services, andrefers safeguarding issues as well as offering parenting programmes.

Last year 235 people completed a parenting course and 355 families received individual support in their home or community from the Children and Families Hub team.

The Children and Families Hub directory has been refreshed, and will continue to be updated, alongside a new page on parenting support, childcare and holiday clubs. New social media pages have been launched on Facebook and Instagram.

Minister for Children and Education, Deputy Inna Gardiner said: “One of my priorities is to make sure that information is both accessible and available for children and families, through theinformation hub. The Children and Families Hub now has a social media presence to engage with families, share and signpost support services and I would encourage charities and partners to also use this page to promote information to children and families.”

“With the Easter school holidays approaching we also now have a dedicated Childcare, Holiday Clubs and Activity page to signpost parents and carers to childcare, holiday clubs and learning activities they can try out for free or low cost with their children during the holidays. This will be updated after Easter with a schedule of what’s on this summer for children and families.”

“We also want to understand how some of our parenting support services can be improved and better accessed and would encourage feedback through the Children and Families Hub.”

Islanders can contact the Children and Families Hub 01534 519000 between Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm, Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm or email [email protected]

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