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Immigration Status Checker

Apr 16, 2021

Settlement Scheme Immigration Status Checker

If you have applied to the settlement scheme and you need to prove your current immigration status to somebody else, you can use the Immigration Status Checker.  

The form will ask you for your:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • social security number
  • either your passport, identity card number or your settlement scheme reference number

Confirmation of your current digital immigration status will then be sent to the email address you gave to the Settled Status team. A unique reference number will be presented on the Immigration Status Checker form which will be duplicated on the email sent so that they can be matched up.

This can be used as evidence that you hold settled or pre-settled status, or if you have submitted an application but not yet been granted a status.

All EU nationals that have been given a status or submitted an application by 30 June 2021 have the necessary immigration permission to continue living and working in Jersey after 30 June 2021.

This may be useful if any government agency, employer or landlord wants to see confirmation of your current immigration status.

The certificates that have been granted to those with settled and pre-settled status only indicate your status and may also be lost.

Once you have confirmed your status you may need to show photographic identification to prove your identity.

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