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The Government Engagement Framework

Jan 13, 2023

The Government Engagement Framework is being developed to help Government staff engage more effectively with the public on policies and proposals. 

By way of background, the Council of Ministers is working to improve how Government engages and shares information with the public. As part of this, their 100 Day Plan included the development of a Government Engagement Framework (formerly the ‘Policy Inclusion Framework’). The Framework is based on an Engagement Pyramid model and indicates how Government staff can engage with the public depending on the issue at hand. It also provides guidance and resources on making engagement accessible, inclusive and effective. Please see attachments for more information. 

We’re keen to hear from our community partners about what you think of the Framework and how it could be better. We’re also keen for feedback on how we, as Government, can better listen to you, and keep you involved in our policy development processes.  

Please take a few minutes to complete our survey and tell us what you think: / (versão portuguesa:

The survey will be open until the 6th February. Additionally, if you would like to meet to discuss how Government can better engage with your organisation and those you represent, please do get in touch. 

Click here to read the Government Engagement Framework - Consultation document

Click here to read the Government Engagement Framework - Draft Guidance

Government of Jersey Cabinet Office

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