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Further Update on Grands Vaux flooding

Jan 18, 2023

Please see below an update on the flooding in Grands Vaux:

•    All the roads that were closed in the Grands Vaux area due to the flash flooding yesterday have now reopened and are safe to use, with caution. Drivers are warned that there are still some debris on the roads and are asked to drive carefully. 

•    Buses operating in the Grands Vaux area have now resumed their normal timetable and routes.

•    Grands Vaux school will reopen tomorrow morning, following an inspection which confirmed that the building is undamaged. The flooding has caused some damage to outdoor spaces. Damaged areas will remain closed while the school assesses how to make them safe for          students. Grands Vaux Youth Club will also reopen tomorrow.

•    Parents of students at Grands Vaux are being provided with the following advice: 

•    Walk if you can – the roads may be busy with residents who may be returning to their properties to collect belongings.

•    Leave longer than usual for your journey – there may be some debris and mud on pavements and roads.

•    Stay safe – make sure you and your children are wearing appropriate footwear, and take care when making your way in.

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