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Food Safety Advice issued after Hepatitis E cases identified

Jun 02, 2023

• Meat, particularly pork, should be cooked through thoroughly

• Effective hand washing after handling raw meat

• Small number of Hepatitis E cases identified

Public Health and Environmental and Consumer Protection have issued food safety advice ahead of barbecue season and the summer. 

This follows a small number of Hepatitis E cases being identified in Jersey which are thought to be linked to the consumption of undercooked pork.

Hepatitis E is an infection of the liver and for most people, the virus will cause mild symptoms and they will fully recover within a month. However, it can be more severe in people who are immunocompromised or pregnant. 

Islanders should follow the ‘Four Cs of food hygiene’, particularly when preparing meat products:

• Cleaning

o Wash hands before preparing, cooking, or eating food.

o Regularly clean work surfaces, utensils, and other kitchen items

o Never wash raw meat

• Chilling

o Chilling food properly helps stop harmful bacteria growing

o Only keep chilled food out of the fridge for a short time during preparation

o Defrost food thoroughly before cooking it. 

• Cooking

o Make sure any meat is steaming hot and cooked all the way through 

o Juices should run clear when meat is cooked through

o For white meat (pork, chicken, turkey) it should be the same white colour 


o Burgers should not be served rare or pink.

• Cross-contamination

o Use different utensils for raw and cooked food

o Wash utensils and surfaces between tasks

o Wash hands after touching raw food, especially raw meat products

Islanders who experience the follow symptoms or are feeling unwell are advised to contact their GP.

• mild flu-like symptoms

• fatigue (extreme tiredness)

• change in urine colour – dark or brown

• abdominal pain

• jaundice – yellowing of the skin or eyes

• fever (high temperature)

• loss of appetite

• itching

• nausea and vomiting (sickness)

• aching joints and muscles

• tingling, numbness and weakness in your arms and legs

Caroline Maffia, Lead for Food and Public Health, said: “While the number of cases of Hepatitis E is small, it is important to avoid food poisoning where you can. Hepatitis E is unusual to see in Jersey, so it is vital that Islanders follow this guidance to keep themselves and others safe. 

“The weather is getting warmer, and we know with warmer weather, more people will be wanting to host barbecues and outdoor picnics. With meat usually a feature of barbecues it is important that Islanders ensure all meat they are serving is cooked thoroughly and that basic hygiene practices such as washing your hands are followed.”

More food hygiene advice can be found online.

Government of Jersey News Release.

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