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Feasibility Study Provides Clear Way Forward For Multi-Site Hospital Facilities

Jun 01, 2023

• New Acute (Inpatient) facility at Overdale by 2028

• New Ambulatory (Outpatient) facility at Kensington Place

• Follows advice of clinical and construction experts

The Ministerial Group overseeing the New Healthcare Facilities Programme (NHFP) have endorsed the advice provided by clinical and construction experts on a preferred option for multi-site healthcare delivery in Jersey.

Following focused clinical engagement and an expert evaluation of environmental, infrastructure, planning, heritage, construction and economic factors over the past months, the Feasibility Study presented to Ministers concluded that multi-site healthcare delivery in Jersey is achievable and provides a number of significant benefits when compared to the single-site Our Hospital proposals.

The Our Hospital Review and subsequent Feasibility Study have also made clear to Ministers the need for a comprehensive Jersey Health Estate Programme, to meet the future needs of healthcare delivery. 

Option B, of the two developed and evaluated, has been selected as the preferred option. It will deliver an Acute Hospital at Overdale in 2028 and will represent the first stage of the Health Estate Programme.

The two options evaluated by the team were:

Option A

• An Acute (Inpatient) facility at Kensington Place

• An Ambulatory (Outpatient) facility at Overdale

• A Health Village at St Saviour (with capacity for rehabilitation and long-term care facilities)

Option B

• An Acute (Inpatient) facility at Overdale

• An Ambulatory (Outpatient) facility at Kensington Place

• A Health Village at St Saviour (with capacity for rehabilitation and long-term care facilities)

The Feasibility Study assessed what is possible in delivering a multi-site healthcare solution that meets present and future clinical needs. While concluding that both options are feasible, Option A scored ‘Good’ overall on the chosen evaluation scale, while Option B scored ‘Very Good’. Option B also delivered all facilities between 2027 and 2030, two years earlier than Option A.

The Feasibility Study has also included the requirements of all clinical services not otherwise considered in the Our Hospital functional brief. This has allowed Ministers to better understand the current and future infrastructure needs for Island healthcare delivery, and to prioritise the delivery of an Acute Hospital. 

A full cost model is being developed for the Overdale Acute Hospital, and wider Health Estate Programme. This Programme will deliver acute, ambulatory, mental health and other care facilities as a rolling programme over the coming years, spreading capital expenditure into a series of manageable phases.

The Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore said: “Following expert advice, it was clear to Ministers that Option B offered the best way forward, having the best score from clinicians while minimising the impact on patients, and the public, during construction. 

It would also ensure that we deliver a much-needed acute hospital facility by 2028, with the process accelerated through the use of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

“We will now enter a month of consultation with States Members, Scrutiny, the public, the residents of Overdale, Kensington Place and St Saviour, patient groups, the thirdsector, and most importantly Health staff, to confirm our plans before the final Feasibility study is presented to the States Assembly in July.”

The Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Karen Wilson said: “It is absolutely clear that we must deliver on our commitment to the public and health staff and begin construction of the hospital facilities they need as soon as possible. What the feasibility study has also made clear is that we need healthcare facilities that are capable of adapting to the changing needs of the population, built and designed around the principle of integrated care in order to ensure the efficient and effective use of our talented workforce and able to deliver the best health outcomes, address the stigma and isolation experienced by people with mental health problems in need of acute physical healthcare, and address the needs of children and young people. 

“Both options have been developed with clinical and HCS staff engagement, including from the teams responsible for facilities management and the Ambulance Service. That engagement will continue during the coming weeks and months so that the facilities we build are the ones that our staff need and operate best for them.”

The Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Tom Binet, said: “I’m grateful to the Programme team for their dedication and skill in delivering the Feasibility Study Report, meeting the time commitment set by Ministers at the start of the year.

“Their work has developed a clear report that fairly assesses both options as being feasible. When it was considered by Ministers, it was obvious that Option B should be the one we follow. It delivers an acute hospital, sooner and with less impact on existing patients. It delivers all the facilities that were missing in Our Hospital proposals, including rehab and step-down care, and does so without the need to make changes to Westmount Road and the Jersey Bowls Club.” 

The Minister for Treasury and Resources, Deputy Ian Gorst said: “We are committed to ensuring that the plans we follow represent the best value for money for Islanders and mitigate the financial risks of developing a single-site hospital with a single contractor.

“I will be working alongside Ministerial colleagues to ensure that the cost proposals brought to the Assembly in the Government Plan present States Members with the 

most prudent means of delivering multi-site healthcare and provide for the ongoing work on Jersey Health Estate.”

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