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Coronation Way - Plans for New Green Walking and Cycling Route Through St Helier

May 11, 2023

To recognise and mark the Coronation of Their Majesties, the Government of Jersey will team up with Andium Homes and the Parish of St Helier to plan a new green walking and cycling route, taking Islanders and visitors through St Helier. 

The new “Coronation Way” will aim to link many of the new spaces, public realm, and other projects in town, including:

  • The Highlands campus
  • Ann Street Brewery and Ann Court/Cyril Le Marquand Court
  • Millennium Park and the new Springfield Park
  • Minden Place and Cattle Street (which will be a focus for improvements, including a possible public space
  • The Royal Square, Broad Street, and the Parade Gardens
  • The Waterfront and the 22 acres of open spaces at Fort Regent 

The ambition will be a themed route, with the exact details to be finalised later this year. The new route would enhance the experience of Islanders living, working, and moving through St Helier.

It would also create an improved route for pupils of Highlands College and the secondary schools nearby, and commuters cycling from Parishes in the northeast of the Island, into the centre of town and the Waterfront.

The Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore, said: “To celebrate the Coronation of their Majesties, and as part of the Island re-affirming its strong links to the Crown, we’re delivering plans for this new green way through the town which will improve our urban environment. This is a fitting tribute given Their Majesties’ interests in urban design and the environment. 

“We are in the early stages of planning, but I anticipate that work will start this year, with the completion of the Ann Court housing scheme and the creation of additional new public space. 

“With plans for the new primary school and the proposed public realm improvements at Minden Place, this new specifically marked Coronation Way will enhance the experience of those who live, work and move through St Helier.”

The Infrastructure Minister, Deputy Tom Binet, said: “This fits in well with the work that’s already underway to improve the public realm. To deliver this project, there are a number of practicalities we need to address, including appropriate resourcing. It is therefore likely to be an ongoing project and will include public consultation.” 

The Constable of St Helier, Simon Crowcroft, said: “I will support any initiative to increase the access to green spaces and healthy walking for St Helier parishioners, and I hope this project will be delivered quickly given the amount of new housing our parish is receiving.”

The work will be overseen by the Future Places Ministerial group, which includes the Constable of St Helier. 

As well as Andium Homes and the Parish of St Helier, the project will partner with the Jersey Development Company, and there will be opportunities for people and businesses to sponsor trees along the route.

Government of Jersey 

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