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Condition Survey of Public Buildings Starts

May 15, 2023

• Condition survey of public buildings to be undertaken

• First survey since 2008

• 271 properties involved with more than 100 buildings

A full condition survey of the Government’s public property portfolio is taking place between 15 May and 31 August, as part of the Island Public Estate Strategy. The condition survey is a priority identified in the Minister for Infrastructure’s Ministerial Plan, with funding allocated in the 2023 Government Plan.

Currie and Brown Ltd has been commissioned by Jersey Property Holdings to undertake the survey, following a tendering process earlier this year. This is the first full condition survey of the public property portfolio since 2008.

Jersey Property Holdings has in the region of 271 property sites, with approximately 1,100 blocks/buildings associated with them. These properties include hospitals, the police station, schools, offices, housing, and both the Central and Beresford markets. 

The survey will identify any repairs and maintenance works of buildings, their level of compliance with statutory requirements, and will help inform decisions on how to manage the buildings’ going forward. 

As part of the survey, Currie and Brown will be visually inspecting areas of the buildings and may use camera drones to access areas which are beyond their physical reach. Any use of drones will be used in accordance with Jersey laws and regulations.

The Island Public Estate Strategy 2021-35 sets the framework for the management and development of current and future Government of Jersey’s assets for the period from 2021 to 2035.

As part of the Strategy, Jersey Property Holdings committed to producing a Strategic Property Asset Management Plan to ensure its buildings are meeting the condition, sufficiency, and suitability requirements to run public services for the short, medium, and long term. A rolling programme of asset surveys is to be carried out every four years. 

Work to understand the suitability of buildings started earlier this year with a public and staff consultation, ‘Does this Building work for you?’ which ran between February and April.

The Minister for Infrastructure will be publishing a response to this survey in Summer, and the full analysis of the results will be published in the Strategic Property Asset Management Plan.

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