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Formation of the Future Hospital Review Panel

Nov 21, 2022

On Friday 18 November, a new Scrutiny review panel was formed to scrutinise the work of the ‘Our Hospital Project’ review.  

The ‘Future Hospital Review Panel’ consists of Deputy Sam Mézec, who has taken the role as Scrutiny Review Panel Chair. Deputy Lyndsay Feltham will be Vice-Chair. Deputy Geoff Southern, and a representative from the Environment, Housing, and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel will join as Members of the Future Hospital Review Panel. 

During the meeting, the Future Hospital Review Panel set out their Terms of Reference, which includes: 

•    To examine the methodology and robustness of the ‘Our Hospital Project’ review and assess the decision-making processes and governance arrangements surrounding it.

•    To assess the robustness of the consultation process that was undertaken as part of the ‘Our Hospital Review’.

•    To establish the basis of the cost savings identified in the ‘Our Hospital Project’ Review and determine the robustness of this evidence for decision making by the States Assembly.

•    To identify the timescales and next steps to be taken by Ministers in relation to the ‘Our Hospital Project’ and any implications that may arise for the States Assembly in relation to the Government Plan 2023-26.

The Review Panel agreed to organise a Public Hearing with the relevant Ministers and departments to hold them to account on what has been said so far, although the date for this Public Hearing has not been confirmed yet. 

Furthermore, the Review Panel decided to seek clarity on factors such and timelines and costings by issuing written questions to the Chief Minister, the Minister for Infrastructure, the Minister for Health and Social Services, and the Minister for Treasury and Resources.

Chair of the Future Hospital Review Panel, Deputy Sam Mézec, said: "The ongoing hospital saga has already seen a huge amount of taxpayers money spent, without building work for the new facility even begun yet. With the government's drastic proposal to change the previously agreed plans completely, it is vital that Scrutiny holds them to account to ensure that any alternative proposal is well thought through, with a strong evidence base and will actually deliver the savings being claimed."

The Review Panel concluded with a provisional date for the next meeting, which is due to take place on Tuesday 29 November. 

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