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Update on Changes to the Social Security 8 Hour Rule

Oct 15, 2021


Minimum threshold for social security contributions - Update on changes to the Social Security 8 hour rule

On 16 September the States Assembly agreed to the principle of replacing the 8 hours a week rule with a new minimum earnings threshold.

However, Scrutiny have asked to review the legislation for the new threshold, including what the threshold will be set at. This review will take place this month so please ask your members to support this process if Scrutiny get in touch.

The final decision by the States Assembly will take place in the first week of November.

We are still working to the plan that an earnings threshold will replace the current ‘8 hour rule’ from January 2022, but we won’t definitively know until the legislation is agreed by the States Assembly.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email

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