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Update from Chamber 31/03/2020

Mar 31, 2020

Tuesday update from Chamber HQ

Another day in the fun-factory of Chamber! I say that obviously because today has been anything but fun, even for chipper me. For the economy it is difficult and ever-increasingly tough times for a growing number of sectors.

Chamber is getting increasing amounts of sectors being affected by the economic downturn, who are in the excluded categories. The decision as to which sectors get funding and how much funding is available is a Political one and has been decided and signed off by the Council of Ministers. To extend this further, this must be agreed by the full CoM, which to date, nothing extra has. We look forward to those is CoM clarifying this further I the coming days and meanwhile we will endeavour to make them aware of the difficulties we are being contacted about.

Today we have been getting further clarity on Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the co-funding schemes. Along with colleagues from Jersey Business, Jersey Finance and the IoD we have impressed on Government officials the need for great clarity for both and we can expect further on Phase 1 with a dedicated online form. it will be available soon, and will require businesses to provide their contact details, industry, bank details, a schedule of each worker and the wages they have been paid for that month (including social security numbers) and declarations related to each of the conditions of the scheme in the next 24 hours.

Read the full guide including the FAQ’s HERE

Phase 2 details will follow further this week with clarity over who exactly falls within some of the grey areas of the exclusions list. Click HERE.

We are constantly receiving many many questions and opinions on email, by phone and on social media every day, keep them coming and we’ll seek the answers. Again can I recommend who are a superb one stop shop for info or the website.


The Chief Minister has just complete an hour, answering questions on twitter. His twitter handle is @John_Le_Fondre if you’d like to read more. If you are in the following mood, @jerseychamber is another one to seek.

A statement from the Medical Officer of Health on the use of cloth masks:

The Minister for Housing Senator Sam Mezéc has made a statement regarding the support for housing needs.

And the Government wants to reassure Islanders that help is available for those who really need it during these challenging times. Islanders in need are urged to either contact the coronavirus helpline, their Parish Hall or complete the Connect Me form for what they need, whilst those who can offer help are encouraged to come forward.  Full details HERE.  

News just in: Senator Farnham is taking a proposal to the States on Thursday to extend Sunday opening hours for supermarkets to 7am-10pm. This is being done to alleviate the pressure on retailers and provide shoppers with more opportunity to obtain essential groceries and food.


Visit Jersey have a great hub, created in partnership with on-island suppliers – The wellbeing section is fab - from speed quizzes to a disco on Saturday night to an online spinning class – go enjoy…

Stay safe, stay at home and keep smiling,


Murray Norton.

CEO, Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

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