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Update from Chamber 30/04/2020

Apr 30, 2020

Thursday update from Chamber

Welcome to the 24th nightly update.

Onto the news for the day, Testing Testing 1, 2, 1, 2, schools out and you can walk the dawg!

But first three bits of Chamber news

1. We have another LIVE Friday Webchat tomorrow to look at the latest announcements, Phase 2 and answering your questions. To watch is couldn’t be easier, just click on the link and register :

On the panel will be Graeme Smith of Jersey Business, plus political and officer representation from the Government of Jersey. And any questions you have for the panel please send then over as soon as you can to my email.

2. Our send big news is the COVID19 Impact Survey which has been launched with Grant Thornton. 19 questions – see what we did there – that we want every business to complete. Click HERE and fill it out please.

And 3. A huge thank you to our valued Chamber Members Carey Olsen, who will be sponsoring our longstanding and popular Friday Emailer that we send out every Monday – just kidding – we sent it out every Friday to our entire membership and those requesting the full one-stop weekly round-up of the week. As an independent, non-for-profit organisation, we need the support of businesses to keep working on your behalf, keep you in touch and keep our small team of two of us going, so thank you team Carey Olsen, we are looking forward to working with you.

It anyone wants to sponsor this irreverent nightly effort… step right up and we’ll put your name in lights!

Tomorrow the application process will be live for Phase 2 co-funding

FAQs on Phase 2 of the Co-funded payroll scheme goes live as of 1st May, so midnight onward, but do get some sleep first! The form will be right at the bottom of the Government Support for Business Page.

A very helpful video from our good friends at Jersey Business will launch tomorrow too, taking you step by step through the ‘how to fill in the form’ process. Once we get the link for it, we of course will share it with you.

The Government team are regularly issuing FAQs to address questions asked about the operation of Phase 2 of the Co-funded payroll scheme: Well done to the team behind this, they truly are working hard and are probably not part of the frontline team you immediately think of, but there are many keeping up with the need for information. Just sharing the love here. There are as many questions as the are businesses, often more and we are continually feeding our queries in too. The latest are here.

  Co-funded Payroll Scheme Phase 2 FAQs First Publication 29 April 2020

  Co-funded Payroll Scheme Phase 2 FAQs Second Publication 29 April 2020

  Co-funded Payroll Scheme Phase 2 FAQs Third Publication 30 April 2020 - Miscellaneous Questions

Also tomorrow look out for the Chief Minister making a statement on the Roadmap and strategy for easing restrictions.

Increased testing and contact-tracing for COVID-19

The Government of Jersey is to significantly upscale its testing and tracing programme from next week. This will involve the launch of a new COVID-19 community antibody-testing programme on Saturday, doubling PCR swab-testing from Monday, and an increase in staff for the contact-tracing team that is needed to support the programme.

Schools to remain closed until after May half-term

The Education Minister has signed a further Ministerial Decision, based on the latest advice from the Medical Officer of Health, to extend the closure of the majority of Government-provided schools and colleges to 22 May, the start of the Summer half-term holiday.

New online package to support learning at home

The Education Minister has announced a major new “Learning At Home” online initiative to provide parents with practical advice and resources to help with home learning, while schools remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dog walking and horse riding on beaches allowed for an extended period

Islanders will be able to continue to walk their dogs off the lead and ride horses on the beaches, at any time of the day, until the States debate a proposition on 12 May.

Finally, Scott at the Merton Hotel is looking to borrow a minibus. They are helping the island, in out-sourcing staff to areas they are needed and wondered if anyone could help lend them one?

If you are a Chamber Member and are offering a service, product, delivery or otherwise and you need us to tell lots of other people – tell me and it will appear here.

Stay safe, stay home and stay in touch,


Murray Norton

Chief Executive


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