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Update from Chamber 30/03/2020

Mar 30, 2020

Monday update from Chamber HQ

Good afternoon,

So not a quiet weekend at Chamber then, as we enter another new way of life for all of us. The message is clear – stay at home. You are risking your life, that of the people you live with and your fellow islanders, by thinking you are so special you need to leave home. If you are not a critical or essential worker, stay at home.

Coming up:

Co-funding, Essential Workers, Childcare help extended, free parking and help with on building an online shopping page.


The weekend saw several meetings involving ourselves, other organisations and Government officers. They fell into two areas. One regarding the Sunday night announcement telling every islander to stay at home, which everyone will now be aware of. For further reading on this click HERE

The other area looked at the clarity of lists – the Essential Workers list and the other on the Exclusions to Phase 1 and 2 funding. There are some grey areas in both, and we are asking these questions to Government on behalf of members.

We have previously provided the link. Jersey Business has provided the helpful guide below and their link is:    

If your business operates in these sectors IT IS eligible for support from 20th March to 31st March 2020 in Phase 1:

Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Wholesale, Retail (excluding food), Fisheries and Hairdressing and other beauty treatment

If your business operates in these sectors IT IS NOT eligible for support from 1st April to 30th June 2020 in Phase 2:

Advertising and Market research

Agricultural activities and wholesalers

Consultancy services

Employment agencies and HR services

Financial, legal, accounting, management and professional services

Food and beverage producers

Freight, Water and Air Transport

Government owned entities, or any organisation that is in receipt of a grant or subsidies of over £50k from the GoJ (can be included on exception) 

Information and communication activities

Office administration and support

Medical and dental care activities (that are still open)

Postal and courier activities

Property Development

Primary and secondary education (not including nurseries)

Retail: Supermarkets, pharmacies, grocery stores and fuel retailers 

Security services 

Social care and Residential care activities

Utility Companies

Veterinary activities

Wholesale of agricultural goods

The Government recognises that some businesses will not easily fit within definitions and further guidance on definitions will be published in due course. 

If you have further questions about these industry classifications, please email: [email protected] or ask us and we will find out for you.


Added to this above, Senator Farnham has said publicly today that he has asked officers to look at expanding the co-funding scheme to allow other businesses to be assisted. As you can imagine, we have had many emails and calls on this and we have had valuable input into this within the past hour and will come back with news as this develops.

Stay at Home - Essential Workers

Plenty of calls on this today

The guidelines say: “Work should be undertaken from home whenever possible. People engaged in work that is designated as being essential to the safe running of the Island during this time are permitted to travel to and from their place of work when necessary. Social distancing and good hygiene must be practised at all times”

It also says: “Non-essential work can continue to operate where it does not pose a risk to public health".

And “Non-essential workers should not carry documentation asserting that they are engaged in essential work. Police and other enforcement agents will be monitoring for abuse of essential worker status closely.”

Could I suggest you read the entire guidelines HERE

and also the FAQ’s HERE.

Other News

Childcare for Critical Workers

Further additions to the critical services list have been made to include those in the wider health and community care services, such as residential and nursing homes, hospice, community nurses, General Practices and pharmacies.

The offer also extends to key infrastructure organisations providing essential food supplies, post, telecommunications, gas and water services. Additional infrastructure organisations include the Ports of Jersey, where the key supply chains are working well. Click HERE.

Free Parking

Until further notice there are no time restrictions or charges for using Government-run car parks and on-street spaces.

Patriotic Street Car Park is for the use of health workers only and parking on Gloucester Street is for emergency health parking only.

Update: Waste and recycling services

Royal Court Open for Conveyancing

This morning we have received confirmation from Ogier, via the Law Society that the Court remains open to all conveyancing, subject to the mandatory use of Powers of Attorney and certain other limitations on attendees from law firms. As a consequence, as things stand, it is business as usual this week.


Chamber Website designer Brian form the The Collective has pulled together a quick demo of an online shop if you need to switch to selling your product online. He’s done this for many nationally recognised brands and if you need to have an online shop and don’t know where to start, Brian has offered to get you up and running drop him a line… [email protected]

We have been in discussion with our good friends at Community Savings. They have about 200 clients who do not have bank accounts or access to online banking or debit cards. They are finding it difficult to shop using cash. We understand the ease and health benefits of contactless payment, but also understand the difficulties faced by their clients. If you are a business accepting cash, do advise them so they can pass it on.  [email protected] or 737555

Latest advice for from Health and Community Services 

Stay safe and stay at home, Murray

Murray Norton.

CEO, Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

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