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Update from Chamber 21/04/2020

Apr 21, 2020

Tuesday update from Chamber

It’s been a States Day today: The Minister for Treasury has explained that ‘tax may need to rise post COVID-19 for economy recovery. Looking at areas of taxation that can be reviewed such as personal tax. There will be an across the board balanced review and that Middle earners should not carry the tax burden.’

The Minster for Economic Development confirmed that ‘a positive dialogue is now ongoing with Jersey Gas, to properly access the level of assistance they may require’. He also committed to looking at the ownership of Jersey Gas, and that this was also ongoing with its owners. Interesting times.

The States will sit again tomorrow from 0930 and should you feel the urge to watch them tomorrow you can follow this link here:

As we await Phase 2 details to be finally released, we know that the Council of Ministers, late last night, agreed in principle to some ‘refinements’ to the co-funding packing, which the Minister has said he believes will save more jobs from being lost. We are expecting a press briefing at 3:30 tomorrow. You’ll find it streamed live on the Government of Jersey Facebook and Twitter pages, and no doubt things will be clearer for the many businesses calling, texting, and emailing me today on Phase 2.


Guidance issued for residential tenancies

The Minister for Housing, Senator Sam Mézec, has issued guidance on the legal support and protection for residential landlords and tenants during the COVID-19 outbreak.

New regulations were passed by the States Assembly on Thursday 9th April, and came into effect the following day. They aim to protect Islanders from becoming homeless during the COVID-19 outbreak, and to ensure that fewer people face financial hardship.

An exemption introduced under the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012 to help Jersey businesses fill short-term vacancies more easily.

The Control of Housing and Work (Exemptions) (Covid-19 – Temporary Amendment) (Jersey) Order 2020 took effect on Saturday 18 April 2020. It allows businesses to hire registered or licensed employees for up to three months to fill gaps in their existing workforce where those staff have left the Island due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Order can be found here

This exemption will not enable businesses to employ additional or different registered or licensed staff to deal with, for example, increasing or varied customer demand or to expand their business, or to vary the terms of their business licence or staffing permissions in any other way. Permission from the Population Office would need to be sought in the usual way.

Help for businesses

Top Comms guru Jacqui Patton, from Inkblot Creative has launched her first ever online course: 14 days to boost your brand.

It’s a free 2-week course designed to give businesses the tools and tactics to build greater clarity and awareness for their brand. It's perfect for businesses who are just starting to think about their brand or if their brand could do with a boost.

If you sign up (, members receive a video lesson from Jacqui, straight to their inbox every day and she'll also be sharing some downloads of her favourite frameworks to help as well. The best thing this is free – but:

Look out for a new online course; Sell your story: How to communicate with your customers & colleagues at the beginning of May (

Members will receive 3-hour long classes and a live Q&A session with me, every week for 5 weeks. You’ll learn tactical strategies and practices for dramatically improving their communications with their customers and team.

Chamber have used some of this excellent training and know it is great value and will be really helpful for business who want to learn more about selling online, managing their internal comms when they can’t be with their teams, and keeping their customers engaged if business is paused. Contact [email protected]

Want to give a thank you Food & Drink treat for your team working at home?

The team at Seymour Hotels have created a package which will put a smile on clients faces during this tough time OR better still would be a great morale booster for your staff.

SEYMOUR HOME DELIVERY in now a thing -

For £22.50 per person, you get 2 Home Delivery Meals (dishes of your choice), 1 bottle of our Centenary Wine (colour of your choice) and free delivery to each home. Package can be customised – we’re at your service!

There is a minimum order 10 people and the best way to view everything is to check it out on Facebook

Shopping time 

Voisins Home in Don Street ONLY is offering 1-1 Safe, Secure Shopping Appointments.

They are Open for safe & secure 1-1 shopping appointments for essential home items

Call 07797810764 to book your appointment which are available 10-4pm Monday - Friday. Plus they are offering FREE home delivery for all online & phone orders. Shop on or call 07797810764 to order.

Finally, Happy birthday to Her Majesty, at 94 today. Tomorrow is the middle of the week, next month has four Bank holidays, there are just 248 days until Christmas… but there is just 10 minutes until that small glass of wine is within reach. Enjoy the evening sunshine.

Stay safe, stay home and stay in touch.


Murray Norton

Chief Executive


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