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Update from Chamber 15/04/2020

Apr 15, 2020

Over three weeks into these nightly updates and today it’s a news day… so plenty of that - and some comment from us first.

We start with Phase 2 Guidance. Chamber were due to discuss the details and offer some thoughts with Ministers and their team, but got stood up 15 minutes prior to the meeting, so no news as yet, but we are hopeful that the formal FAQ’s will be out on Friday.

People are bandying around phrases like Administration, ‘Pre-packs’ and Voluntary arrangements with creditors. To be clear, Jersey law currently lacks any modern procedure for protecting local businesses that are struggling while they assess their ability to survive. Terms such as ‘Pre-pack’ and ‘Administration’ are used in England and Guernsey where modern law exists, but these terms have no formal place under Jersey Law. The only options for a struggling business are Winding up (Liquidation) or Désastres.

Some calm heads and definitely some collaboration with those in our private sector that have experience in this area will be needed, as our Government considers looking at Voluntary Arrangements. We have Chamber members qualified and waiting to talk to government.

I expect a change in the pace and rate of briefings in the near future from Ministers, not than any criticism or calls to ‘be more Guernsey’ have had any influence. Chamber have noticed that a regular daily or nightly update works for many. Perhaps ‘be more like Chamber’ is next…

It’s the middle of the week, and also the middle of the month and the question from many is, is it the middle of the lockdown? Many calls today from those wanting intel on whether there is any glimmer of information that will enable employers to make decisions based on knowledge of a timeline, which in turn can only be based on the facts, which in turn can only be based on a true picture of where we are. And in turn, onto the news...


Statement from Chief Executive, Charlie Parker (Video)

This was presented by video for those wanting some technical issues, exciting viewing and the full Q&A with the media. 

Statement from Chief Executive, Charlie Parker (Written)

Agricultural workers listed as essential

Agricultural workers have been defined as essential employees as they continue to support the industry and local economy through the farming and export of local produce, during a traditionally busy time for the agricultural industry.

Antibody testing kits arrive in Jersey

A delivery of 10,000 antibody testing kits has arrived in the Island. The tests can detect the presence of antibodies produced as part of the body’s response to the COVID -19 virus.

Antibody tests can detect whether a patient has had, COVID-19 and therefore whether they have evidence of immunity to it. But first, the tested kits need to be tested for reliability which will take seven to ten days.

Recording of deaths from COVID-19

Guidance issued on commercial property rental

As published by Chamber, via our Members Ogier in the update last night, The Minister for Economic Development Senator Lyndon Farnham has published guidance to be followed by landlords and tenants of commercial property during the Covid-19 outbreak.


Jersey Business want to bring your attention to two new packages of support that could help you at this time:

Take a look at the Steps to manage your business’s short term cash flow in their Resource Hub on the website.

Advice on negotiating with your landlord & tenants

Here is some newly issued guidance and Q&A's which might help your negotiations over rent and other payments with your landlord and tenants during the COVID-19 crisis.

Food, Drink and Services

If anyone needs mention of their services during these unique times, email me, we are happy to highlight what you are doing – and tell others what you are offering too.

Enjoy you Wednesday night,

Stay safe, stay home and stay in touch.


Murray Norton

Chief Executive


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