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Update from Chamber 09/04/2020

Apr 09, 2020

It’s a Thursday that feels like a Friday that also feels like a surreal nightmare we cannot wake up from.

Welcome the new inclusions to the growing email circulation list on the nightly update, which will be back on Tuesday night, unless anything new and surprising happens, and nothing surprises me anymore. Share should you wish and opt out if you so desire.

So today we have the new details of Phase 2 and what they will mean to the many in a stressful position with regards to their staff and the future of their business. Despite the informal approach of these emails, let’s not under-estimate the seriousness of the situation for the economy.

We at Chamber asked for the Government to call an Economic Emergency and called for them to go big, go bold and go early – we asked that 5 weeks ago. Since then Chamber has actively and consistently represented many businesses, notably this week to be included as part of Phase 2 of the Co-Funding Scheme. Many of these are now included in Phase 2 of this scheme.

We are proud to represent you, do not take the responsibility lightly and are pleased we can interact, inform and influence. 

We are awaiting the application full details, full clarity and the caveats in full. But for now the latest details are here:

Today the Government announced final details on the scope and operation of Phase 2 of the Co-funded payroll scheme. This expanded the scheme to a wider range of sectors listed below and has finally determined that a "material detriment" declaration will be required for a business to make an application.

"Material detriment" will be determined by a loss of turnover over the relevant period of at least 30% compared with a previous comparable trading period.

Phase 2 of the co-funded payroll scheme is available to a wider range of industries. Read more HERE.

  Phase 2 Included sectors

  Phase 2 excluded sectors

Final formal Guidance and Operation documents will be published on 17 April 2020. That is next Friday by the way… No further information on the Scheme will be published before that time.

  Informal FAQs on the Government Co-Funded Payroll Scheme: Phase 2 - 1 April 2020 – 30 June 2020

In other News

Jersey Nightingale hospital approved

A temporary Nightingale hospital is to be built at Millbrook Playing Field as part of Jersey’s response to Covid-19. The Jersey Nightingale Hospital will create an additional 180 beds for Coronavirus patients, who will be provided with acute, enhanced and ongoing levels of medical care, including oxygen provision but not invasive ventilation.

Coronavirus helpline update

Colleagues at the Government of Jersey’s coronavirus helpline have received over 12500 in three weeks. On average, they receive 550 calls per day. On their busiest day – 16 March – they received 2025 calls.

Coronavirus cases update 8 April 2020

And go fill this out!

The survey has been developed to establish a picture of the health of Islanders in relation to COVID-19, as well as gathering information about their travel history and vulnerability. This is to complement on-Island COVID-19 testing.

Health Survey

Chief Minister update on PPE

End of the week waffle

We have a lot to interact, inform and influence on next week, with the Special Situation Fund, Bank Loan Scheme and some of the questions on Phase 2 Co-funding. If you are one of the 15-20 new members of Chamber, as of this week alone, welcome, you are part of fine group of people who make Jersey tick, you’ve made a wise decision. 

Whilst we are doing the Oscar speech to end three weeks of this, to the many Politicians and Government workers who value and seek our thoughts, advise and experts in the field, the JHA, Jersey Business and Consumer Council for sharing and helping, the Chamber Committees for feeding in the real knowledge, Helen for running the St Clement Chamber office and for the many of you who’ve been in touch – thank you!

So, in place of the normal banter, I’ll simply close and wish you a wonderful safe Easter at home. Relax count your blessings and enjoy a long weekend.


Murray Norton

Chief Executive


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