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Trailer Registration Opens

Feb 27, 2019

Islanders can register trailers, including horse boxes and caravans, with Driver and Vehicle Standards (DVS) from today (Tuesday 26 February).

Trailer registration has been introduced as part of the Vienna Convention, to which Jersey has become a signatory so that drivers and vehicles can continue to travel in Europe after the UK leaves the EU’s Common Transport Area.

After 29 March, commercial trailers with a maximum gross weight of more than 750 kilograms –and all trailers weighing more than 3.5 tonnes – must be registered with DVS in order to travel through most EU, EEA and other European countries. There is no legal requirement for lighter non-commercial trailers to be registered, but drivers can do so voluntarily for assurance that they will be able to travel through Europe unhindered.

The Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Kevin Lewis, said: “DVS has already been in contact with the businesses who operate commercial trailers between Jersey and the Continent, and registration of their trailers is expected to be completed well before Brexit.
“Although there’s no legal need for horse trailers, caravans or non-commercial trailers to be registered, and the risk of European police forces stopping unregistered trailers is low, we’re offering an option for them to be registered, so that owners can travel through Europe without concern.”

Registration costs £30 and lasts the life of the trailer. Trailers that are used solely in Jersey or the United Kingdom do not need to be registered.

Information about how to register a trailer, and which countries it applies to, is available on

Government of Jersey Press Release.

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