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Tender Open to Establish Arrangements for Vehicle Inspections

Jan 16, 2020

A tender has opened to invite companies to identify and recommend the operating methods for introducing periodic technical inspections (PTI) of private vehicles in Jersey.

Driver and Vehicle Standards are introducing inspections as part of Jersey’s commitment to the 1968 Vienna Convention, which will ensure that Jersey registered vehicles meet internationally recognised standards of roadworthiness.

The tender process invites companies to explore the various options for testing and to recommend the appropriate arrangements for Jersey to carry out PTI inspections.

Head of Driver and Vehicle Standards Gordon Forrest said: “The range of options need to be fully explored by people with experience of this kind of study. The tender launched earlier this week invites companies to carry out this options appraisal. Vehicle inspections can be carried out via several different methods including for example, using current garages and businesses, building a government-run testing centre or both. The outcome of the study will determine the way forward ahead of implementation.”

The inspections build on the inspection of mopeds, light motorcycles and minibuses and commercial vehicles which began in April 2019.

The tender is open until 3 February 2020, an appointment is due to be made before the end of February 2020.

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