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Tax Returns Reminder

May 26, 2021

Around half of taxpayers have filed personal tax returns  

With the deadline for paper tax filing less than a week away, around 33,000 of the Island’s approximately 65,000 taxpayers have submitted their tax returns.

Ahead of the paper tax filing deadline on Monday 31 May, Revenue Jersey anticipate they will receive thousands more paper tax returns. Those who have not submitted a paper tax return by Monday 31 May have until Saturday 31 July to submit an online tax return.

There has also been a significant increase in the number of taxpayers choosing to file online: of the 33,000 tax returns received to date, roughly one third (over 11,300) have been filed online. This is compared to around 5,900 at this time last year.

Islanders who want to file online will need to activate a onegov account, and set up a digital ID before they can complete their tax return online.

There is a range of support available for the whole process, including:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to set up a onegov account and digital ID
  • Telephone support for the tax return from Revenue Jersey on (01534) 440300
  • Telephone support to activate a onegov account from Customer and Local Services on (01534) 44444
  • An online troubleshooting guide for each step of creating a YOTI digital ID, and completing the tax return online.

Richard Summersgill, Comptroller of Revenue, said: “There has been a significant increase in the number of taxpayers taking the opportunity to file their tax return online, in comparison to last year.
“As ever, we expect an increase in the volume of tax returns we will receive in the run-up to the paper filing deadline on the 31 May. I’d remind all taxpayers intending to file a paper tax return that they will be subject to a late filing penalty of £300 if they file one after the 31 May deadline.

“From 31 May, taxpayers will need to file their tax return online.”

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