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Scrutiny Conclude Review of 2022-2025 Government Plan

Dec 13, 2021

The States Assembly’s Scrutiny function has now completed a series of reviews on the Government Plan 2022-2025.

Each of the standing Scrutiny Panels conducted reviews on the projects contained in the plan which fell within their remits, and investigated the expenditure and capital spend allocations committed by Government over the coming four years.

The Scrutiny work has culminated in a final, overarching report by the Government Plan Review Panel, which looked at the general themes emerging from the Government Plan, including:

  • The accessibility of the document and public engagement with it
  • Government delays in providing information to Scrutiny Panels
  • Transparency
  • Alignment with Common Strategic Priorities

The Scrutiny reviews have resulted in six reports and 12 amendments to the Government Plan, which will be debated from 14 December 2021 by the States Assembly.

The Chair of the Government Plan Review Panel, Senator Kristina Moore, said: ‘I am grateful to the members of all the Scrutiny Panels who have, in a challenging time frame, conducted thorough reviews of this final Government Plan of this Council of Ministers. Concerns have been raised across the Panels about the continued uncertainty of funding and whether projects which are vital for the Island’s future are properly prioritised. We have also voiced our concerns over both accountability and the level of Government engagement with the public. We have made recommendations which we hope will be considered to ensure that future plans show an increased level of accountability and are as widely understood as possible.’

The Scrutiny Panel reports on the Government Plan 2022 – 2025 are:

The 12 amendments lodged by the Panels, together with a further 13 lodged by individual States Members and one from the Privileges and Procedures Committee, can be found on the States Assembly website alongside the Government Plan 2022 – 2025 Proposition (P.90/2021). Propositions (

Scrutiny Press Release.

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