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Safe Exit Framework Level 1 - Public Health clarifications

Aug 18, 2020

On 10 August, Jersey entered Level 1 of the Safe Exit Framework. Given the rapidly rising risk of infection in countries closely connected to Jersey identified in July and which is continuing now, as well as the ongoing risk of infection on-island, the priority must be to ensure that Islanders and businesses are following the public health guidelines that will keep us all safe.

The key focus for Level 1 is therefore not further easing of public health measures but instead:

  • A significant step up in adherence and enforcement of public health guidelines
  • A parallel step up of communications and engagement on how to stay safe

On-island suppression of Covid-19 via compliance with public health guidance is a critical complement to the Government’s ‘contain’ (test, trace, isolate) capacity.

On 10 August, the Government was able to introduce a small package of changes, consistent with the careful approach recommended by the Scientific and Technical Advisory Cell to Ministers corresponding to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation in countries around us. Some clarifications are provided below on those changes, following helpful feedback from stakeholders. (Work had been undertaken in preparation for a wider array of changes to public health measures, which unfortunately it has not been safe to introduce at this time).

Close contact services – wellbeing, cosmetic and beauty 

Where you are delivering a service in someone’s home in a close contact setting (for example breast feeding support), you have less control over your working environment. Risk assessment should be undertaken and you should follow the guidance for visiting people's homes to provide close personal contact services.

At level one, only one therapist should be in a treatment room with a patient at a time

Allied health care settings

Where you are offering an allied health care treatment within a gym setting you should adhere to the PPE requirements as an allied health practitioner. Anyone who is in direct contact with the patient (less than 2 metres, for more than 15 minutes) should also adhere to this guidance. When working in a sports setting you should be aware of and adhere to the Level 1 sports guidance.

Offering low-moderate activity exercise classes, out of hours, in an allied health care setting may also be permitted when adhering to the cleaning guidance for allied health care practitioners and the guidance for indoor sport.

Live music

The definition of live music is “any form of music which is generating by musicians or singers within a venue” as opposed to a recording, and this is irrespective of whether it is acoustic or electric.

Singing, brass and woodwind instruments present a high COVID-19 risk because infectious respiratory droplets can be sprayed or propelled further. Whilst we take the cautious approach moving into Level 1, across all business, tuition, social and community contexts, singing, in addition to woodwind and brass music, continues to be very strongly discouraged both outdoors and indoors.

Venues are advised to only play low volume ambient background music on their premises to avoid people leaning into one another when talking and to ensure physical distancing.

Estate Agents

Open viewings, valuations and rental inspections may take place, when certain conditions for working in people’s homes are met, including total number of attendees at any one time and adherence to physical distancing. 

The full guidance is available here.

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